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EndALL stink bug killer provides effective stink bug control  

Safer® Brand EndALL™


model #: 5102


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   Kills stink bugs on contact

   OMRI®-listed for use in organic gardening

   32 fl. oz. ready to use spray

   Will kill stink bugs in any stage, egg to adult

   Can be used up to the day of harvest

   No residual with this product -- dissolves into the soil

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How It Works:

Our unique and organic stink bug killer formulation will kill stink bugs and 45 other insects at any stage of their life.
There is not a more effective organic stink bug killer on the market!


Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids (1.00%)

Insecticidal Soap, which is derived from potassium salts of fatty acids, is a contact insect killer that works by breaking down the waxy membrane on soft-bodied insects. This product eliminates the waxy membrane, causing the insect to dehydrate.

EndALL kills stink bugs and 45 other insects in all stages, from egg to adult

Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil (0.900%)

Azadirachtin, is a natural insect growth regulator extracted from the neem seed. An insect growth regulator disrupts the delicate hormonal balance of the insect, forcing them to enter a new life stage too quickly or prevent them from entering the next life cycle. This disruption of the hormonal balance will kill the insect. An essential ingredient in effective stink bug control.



Organic Pyrethrins (0.012%)

Pyrethrin is a contact insect killer that breaks down the hard exoskeleton of hard-bodied insects. When the exoskeleton is dissolved, the insect dehydrates rapidly and dies. Organic pyrethrin is another essential ingredient in an effective stink bug control.

How To Use:


Shake Well to activate all of the ingredients in this stink bug killer
EndALL is a contact stink bug killer so apply when the stink bug appears or at first sign of their damage
Hold Sprayer 12 to 18 inches from the surface to be sprayed. Spray evently, completely coating surfaces where stink bugs are present
Apply every 7-10 days when stink bugs are present or as needed to prevent damage
For specific uses on vegetables, refer to bottle

About Stink Bugs and Stink Bug Control:

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