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Stink Bugs and Stink Bug Traps

These smelly pests have grown by exponential bounds in recent years and are extremely tough to eliminate. Stink bugs can take over your house in a matter of days and with their reproduction schedule, can quickly turn from a few into a full blown infestation. Using an effective organic stink bug killer product such as Safer® Brand EndALL can eliminate these pesky insects before they take over your house!


Below you will learn more infomation about what a stink bug is, as well as effective stink bug control options including our stink bug killer.





So... What are Stink Bugs?

The stink bug is part of the family of insects called pentatomids which means '5-sided' and varieties of stink bugs include the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), green stink bug, spined soldier bug, two spotted stink bug, arboreal stink bug, red shouldered stink bug, and the rice stink bug.


Stink Bugs

The stink bug is an insect that was not previously seen on our continent. The first instance of stink bug infestation was in September 1998 and it is believed they have entered the country 'hitchhiking' on shipping containers from Asia.


Stink bugs have officially invaded 33 states, which continues to increase. Stink bugs have been found as far west as California and as far north as Minnesota.


Adult stink bugs are approximately 17mm long and the term 'stink bugs' refers to the defensive scent glands located on the underbelly of the stink bugs.


Information about Stink Bugs
Want to learn more about stink bugs?Check out this infographic for more information about Stink bugs









Reproduction Patterns of Stink Bugs

The species typically have a single generation per year depending upon temperatures. Warm Spring and Summer conditions could permit the development of 2 to 3 generations. 


Adults will emerge in the Spring (late April to mid May) to mate and eggs hatch anywhere between May through August. Adults begin to search for overwintering sites in September and through the first half of October.


Stink bugs prefer to live outside but as the temperatures begin to get cold at night, they want to find a warm refuge, so they enter your home through cracks and open doors, or even hop along to you, your pet, or anything you bring from the outside into your home (i.e. food, furniture, etc.) When you see stink bugs in your house, is when you need an effective stink bug killer product like Safer® Brand EndALL which can organically eliminate stink bugs.





Damage associated with Stink Bugs

EndALL Kills Stink Bugs

Stink bugs feed on a wide variety of host plants. Fruits are a common target for stink bugs, including apples, peaches, figs, mulberries, citrus fruits and persimmons. They have also been reported to feast on ornamental plants, soybeans, and beans for human consumption.


Farmers have reported a severe loss in apple and peach orchards. It has also been found to adversely effect blackberry, sweet corn, field corn and soybeans.


An organic stink bug killer product such as Safer® Brand EndALL can eliminate stink bugs through the combination of insectical soap, pyrethrin, and neem oil.


Stink Bug Trap

Another way to eliminate stink bugs is using the Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet. The Stink Bug Magnet features a quick release pheromone to attract and trap stink bugs quickly and without the use of harmful toxins.


These insects are not known to cause harm to humans, although homeowners become alarmed when the bugs enter their home and noisily fly about. The stink bug will not reproduce inside structures and cause damage.





Information derived from Pennsylvania State University Entomology. 
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Safer®Brand can help rid your garden and home of these pests with natural and organic stink bug control. Our organic stink bug control products are all-natural and contain no synthetic or man-made chemicals.


If you want to rid your garden and home of these unwanted pests, Safer®Brand offers excellent organic stink bug control products.


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