Flea Facts & Control

Fleas are wingless insects with mouthparts adapted for penetrating skin. Fleas live on the blood of mammals.

Fleas can be a real nuisance to you and especially your pets. Fleas can quickly reproduce and become an infestation in very little time. Safer® Brand's line of natural flea control products including our Ultimate Flea Trap and Crawling Insect Killer provide you with natural flea control solutions.


So... What's a Flea?

Fleas are generally 1/16 to 1/8 inch long, agile, dark colored, wingless and possess a tube-like mouth that is specially adapted to feed on the blood of their hosts. The legs of a flea are long, and the hind pair are adapted for jumping. A flea can jump up to 7 inches vertically and 13 inches horizontally. (WOW that is pretty impressive jumping!!) This vast jumping ability makes fleas one of the best jumpers of all known animals. Fleas also have strong eyesight.

A flea is covered in tiny hairs which aid in the movement around a host. While a flea's body is able to withstand a large amount of pressure, they can be crushed between your fingernails.


Reproduction Patterns of Fleas

Fleas lay tiny white oval-shaped eggs and a female can lay 45-50 eggs per day up to 600 in a lifetime and usually lays the eggs on the host. Eggs hatch in 2 days to 2 weeks into larvae which are born blind and avoid light.

Adult fleas cannot lay eggs without a blood meal and may live for one year without feeding. The adult flea's diet consists solely of fresh blood from mammals. Newly emerged adult fleas live only about one week if a blood meal is not obtained.

Eggs are laid in batches of 20 or more on the host and can easily fall onto the ground. This is why areas where the host lays are primary habitats of eggs and developing fleas.

Optimum temperature for the flea's life cycle is 70-85 degrees and optimum humidity is 70%.


Flea's Habitat

A flea can basically live anywhere, as long as it can receive a blood meal. Fleas generally like tolay their eggs on a host, but since they lay the eggs in the fur, the eggs generally wind up on the ground, or areas in which the host frequents. Outdoor deployment of eggs generally happens in gravel or sandboxesto allow the eggs/larvae access to hosts.

Often, there is a need for flea control, after you have returned from vacation, and this isdue to the fact that the fleas have been breeding and pupating. This newly created army is ready to do battle on you and your pets. Deploying a natural flea control product like The Ultimate Flea Trap, can prevent flea infestations because it is working 24 hours a day.


Ultimate Flea Trap


The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is your ideal solution for indoor flea control. This effective trap eliminates fleas without the use of harmful poisons and chemicals


Combining the most effective bait on the market, with our patented dome design, and add a light bulb as the heat source, fleas don't stand a chance! Boasting a unbelievable 93% catch rate, the Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is easily the most effective flea control product on the market.


The Victor Ultimate Flea Trap can be used year round. This trap plugs into any standard outlet. Replacement discs (with the effective pheromone built in) are available right here on Saferbrand.com.

Why Choose a Natural Solution?

This poison free trap eliminates fleas without the use of harmful chemicals. This trap kills fleas, but keeps your pets and children safe by not employing the use of synthetic chemicals.


Flea Control Products


Safer® Brand Ant & Roach Insect Killer provides an organic solution to eliminate fleas on contact. While being the first and only truly organic aerosol for effective flea control, the Ant and Roach Killer combines the power of d-limonene, organic pyrethrin, and insecticidal soap to knock out your ant, roach and flea problems, organically.


Since the Safer® Brand Ant & Roach Insect Killer is a contact killer, it is most effective when used to eliminate flea on contact. For preventative and long term use, the Ultimate Flea Trap is the ideal solution.

Safer® Brand brings you a variety of effective insect control products that are gentler on the environment! Most of them proudly display the OMRI Listed® organic seal and comply for use in organic gardening!