Insects in Education

Looking to explore the world of bugs beyond your garden and even your country? Insects in Education takes a look at some of the fascinating bugs, spiders and similar creepy-crawlers that live across the globe. Each entry includes fascinating insect facts and a downloadable classroom poster for students and teachers.


Assasin Bug

If ants wanted to see a horror show, it would most definitely feature an assassin bug as a villain! These predatory insects wear the corpses of their ant-victims as a disguise.

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Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

Is that a hummingbird? Or is it a butterfly? No, it's the hummingbird hawk-moth, an insect that does its best to look like a hummingbird! That's right, when it comes to the insect world, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Red-Bordered Stinkbug

Like most stink bug species, the group of stink bugs consume their food by inserting a straw-like mouthpart into a plant stem and then siphoning out the juices. When these bugs sense a predator nearby, they thrash their antennae as a warning and then blast out a repulsive cloud of gas.

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Raft Spider

Being able to walk on water has earned this European spider the nickname of “Jesus Spider,” but that’s just one of the amazing things about these speedy arachnids.

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Spiny Flower Mantis

Just about every mantis out there is an expert ambush hunter that uses camouflage to help disguise it before it strikes. The Spiny Flower Mantis takes it one step further with a set of thorny spikes and startling eye spots. The result? One of the toughest looking bugs you'll ever see!

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