Safer® Hydro FAQ: Why Do I Need a Light Meter?

 Safer® Hydro FAQ:  Why Do I Need a Light Meter?

In a hydroponic garden setup, precision is vital. You need to carefully monitor nutrient levels and photoperiods to get the best growth possible. With all that hard work, you shouldn’t slack off on light levels, particularly if your crop is never exposed to natural light.

A light meter can be helpful in determining the amount of light your plants are receiving. Too little and your plants won’t be able to work through their natural growth processes. Too much can result in scalding, dehydration and stunted development.

If your light is too intense, move your lighting farther away from the plant or reduce your bulb count or wattage. Too little light? Lower your lighting fixture so your bulbs are closer to the plant.

To further help your plants, try rearranging them! Move your tallest plants to the exterior of your grow system and the shorter plants to the middle where they will get more light.