Vegetable Gardening

The Story of Japanese Beetles (And How to Fight Them)

18 Aug , 2016  

The Japanese beetle is a major plant pest in North America, eager to chomp through the leaves of hundreds of ornamental plants,…


Home Pest Control

Bee? Wasp? Hornet? A Guide to Stinging Insects

3 Aug , 2016  

Wasps in action working on building their nest in the corner of house window. Live nest with cacoons, larvae and lot of wasps.
Having a yard gives you an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and plants. That combination is…

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Vegetable Gardening

How to Start a School Garden

1 Aug , 2016  

Little girls (11 and 8 years) with seedlings by planter filled with vegetables and flowers.
School gardens can have an amazing impact on students. School gardens can help get kids outside and moving. Students with…

Home Pest Control

Fighting Fleas Inside Your Home

25 Jul , 2016  

Don’t blame yourself. You did everything you could. You bathed them. You gave them treatments. You kept an eye on them…


Safer® Brand Scholarship Winner July 2016: Charlotte Ljustina

21 Jul , 2016  

Hiking organic living
Safer® Brand is pleased to announce the selection of the July 2016 winner of our twice-a-year scholarship contest. This…


Grant Some Green Winner: Florida Urban Homesteading, Inc.

7 Jul , 2016  

safer brand grant some green
Earlier this year, Florida Urban Homesteading, Inc. won the Safer® Brand Grant Some Green Facebook contest and received…

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Vegetable Gardening

Organic vs. Natural: What it Means for a Garden

23 Jun , 2016  

Gardening terms organic natural
In the world of pesticides and repellents, it’s understandable that you might assume the words “organic”…

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