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Can I Use Aerosols Around People and Pets?

7 Nov , 2016  

Aerosol bug sprays
World War II was a landmark moment for insecticides. When U.S. troops were slogging through the Pacific Theatre in the campaign…


Vegetable Gardening

Fresh Fads in Gardening

16 Oct , 2014  

Vertical Garden
These days, the concept of gardening encompasses much more than raising a few flowers and vegetables in the yard. While…

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Garden Invaders: Common Insect Pests and How to Deal with Them!

21 Aug , 2014  

Mealybug insect pest
Whether they have two wings or six legs, insect pests can ruin your organic gardening efforts. While some bugs are beneficial…

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The Plant Doctor Is in: What’s That Bug?

12 Jun , 2014  

Colorado Potato Beetle Colorado Potato Bug
“Dear Plant Doctor, My garden hasn’t done well for the last couple of seasons — especially my tomatoes and peppers,…

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Bug-Free Zone: Outdoor Pest Control

3 Jun , 2014  

garden slug tomato
Gardeners have fought to keep their plants free of destructive pests for millennia. Organic gardeners try to control bugs…

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Bug-Free Zone: Indoor Pest Control

29 May , 2014  

houseplant care tips
An insect infestation can ruin an indoor garden, spreading rapidly from plant to plant. Fortunately, organic indoor gardeners…

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Flower Gardening

The Gardener’s Tool Belt

20 Feb , 2014  

essential garden tools
Like any artisan, a gardener relies on her tools. She doesn’t need many, but the right tools make gardening much easier,…

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Don’t want to kill your insects…. you could always eat them!

26 Oct , 2011  

Eating bugs eating insects
While i much prefer to use organic pest control products like Safer® organic pest control products to eliminate my insects,…

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