Growing Basics

Learn everything you need to know to start an indoor garden. Get essential advice on improving your yields and caring for your plants the organic way. We explain all the technical details and make the whole process simple to understand, so you're sure to succeed.

Best Indoor Growing Medium

Outdoor plants extract nutrients and water from the soil, and they dig their roots into the earth to hold themselves up to the light. In hydroponic gardening systems, the roots have almost constant exposure to the nutrient solution, but they need a medium...


5 Easy Steps to Your First Grow

1. Start with seeds or clones. You have two choices when you start an indoor crop. The first is to plant seeds you buy, collect yourself, or get from other growers. Soak the seeds in room temperature water for a few hours (or overnight) before...


How to Clone Plants

1. Select Pick a healthy plant that’s been through one growth cycle and then after harvest added at least 6 inches of new growth. Keep the plant well watered, but don’t feed it for three days before you plan to cut it. 2...