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SaferBrand Lawn Care Program


The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

The grass is always greener on the other side, when you use organic lawn care, in fact, it’s greener in more ways than one! As summer approaches, it’s imperative to think about lawn care treatments to get your lawn looking plush, growing healthy, and looking green. Organic lawn care is the eco-friendly alternative to lawn care that relies on dangerous chemicals.

Understanding the Pros and Cons

Everyone should read this infographic to gain a better understanding of both organic and non-organic lawn care. The surprising statistics included should foster questions about the regulation of synthetic products included in chemical lawn treatments.

This innovative and important information should be shared to help spread the word about organic lawn care. Post this information on social media sites to warn others about the hidden dangers of chemical lawn treatments that can wreak havoc in more ways than one.

Consider Organic Lawn Care This Year!

Every year, thousands upon thousands of homeowners either hire someone to treat their lawn or purchase fertilizer to do it themselves. Of those people, some of them chose to put organic products on their lawn while others lace their yard with harmful chemicals. Many of those people that get their yard chemically treated do not know the harmful effects that can potentially danger their pets and even family members. These chemicals wreak havoc in more ways than one. People that have their yards treated with such products should reconsider this choice. Organic lawn care is a healthy alternative to other harsh products and should be considered to help improve our environment and overall health.

Our Organic Lawn Care Infographic: Get The Facts

The above infographic explains all you need to know about both chemical and organic lawn care. We begin by explaining the pros and cons of organic lawn care to give readers an overall understanding of organic lawn care. The next section highlights the ingredients for both organic and inorganic fertilizer. By providing this information, we hope to foster an understanding of what all is included in organic fertilizer as well as synthetic options. This information is intended to make readers think about the list of harmful chemicals that are used in inorganic products and how they can impact us all. The next section highlights the dangers of inorganic fertilizers. It first details dangers to humans, demonstrating how detrimental synthetic lawn care is to our bodies. The fact alone that seven types of cancer are linked to inorganic lawn care should be enough to stop anyone who treats their lawn with these products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. The infographic goes onto describe birth defects and dangers to animals – both household pets and wildlife. The environment is also adversely affected as well. Ending on a positive note, the infographic gives tips to readers about how they can have a natural eco-friendly lawn without the need for synthetic products.

Join Green and Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Movement and Share With Others!

Hopefully after reading this infographic you’ve gained a better understanding about what you put on your yard and how you can make the change to organic lawn care. Reducing the use of non-organic products can help not only the health of the people in your household but also those around you. Therefore, it’s time to promote a change throughout all communities. The most effective way to do this is by communicating and sharing this information with those around you. Send this to your neighbors, local government officials, and organizations that use chemical fertilizers. The more people that know about eco-friendly organic lawn care, the more people will make the change. So go on and begin sharing and start using organic lawn care products!

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