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Safer® Brand proudly offers products for organic farming. Whether you’re buying for a hobby farm or for an agribusiness, our organic pesticides and organic fungicides are sure to meet your pest control needs. These organic agriculture products target such pests as the codling moth and the oriental fruit moth, as well as common plant fungi and plant diseases such as powdery mildew and leaf blight. These products are field-tested and proven effective at taking care of the toughest agricultural pests, plant diseases, and fungi.

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Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Neem Oil Insecticide with Neem Oil Concentrate 1 gal, 98424GAL
Makes 128 gallons
 $69.99 $80 Sale
Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Caterpillar Killer Concentrate With B.T. 1gal, 5160GAL
Makes 256 gallons
 $124.99 $150 Sale
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Organic Farming Information

If you’re a professional grower, you face the daunting challenge of finding a way to effectively control insects and plant disease over a large area.


And if you’re like many growers these days, you want to avoid using pesticides or fungicides containing toxic materials that will leave a harmful residue. The good news is that you can protect agricultural crops against bugs and disease without having to resort to applying harsh chemicals. Safer® Brand offers a line of effective, powerful organic formulas that enable you to eliminate your pest and plant disease problems without harming your plants or crops.


Organic Agricultural Products for Reliable Pest Control

Caterpillar, aphids, mealybugs, fruit moths and spider mites can each pose a threat to your plants. Our organic ag products include effective pest control solutions that can quickly kill these pests, as well as many other types of soft- and hard-bodied insects. These products contain all-natural active ingredients such as salts of fatty acids, seaweed extract, bacillius thuringiensis (b.t.) and neem oil — organic materials that have been scientifically proven to effectively eliminate nuisance insects. Many of these organic ag products come in a concentrate formula that, when mixed with water, allow you to cover a large area with a small amount of product.


Eliminate Many Common Plant Diseases

Your plants are susceptible to a wide range of diseases and pathogens that can prevent you from enjoying a bountiful harvest. The Safer® Brand line of organic agricultural products can help you control and eliminate pathogens and diseases such as leaf spot, fire blight, powdery blight, and bacterial spot and speck. They provide an organic solution for protecting leafy and fruiting vegetables, citrus and pome fruit, and much more. You can apply our products right up until the day of harvest, meaning our plant disease solutions enable you to protect an expansive growing area efficiently and affordably.


Our Products Are Approved for Use in Organic Growing

Not all “organic” or “natural” products on the market truly live up to their claim. Safer® Brand offers organic ag products that are OMRI® Listed and USDA and NOP approved for use in organic growing. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are using a product containing ingredients that are certified as organic!


Check Out Our Selection of Organic Ag Products

Learn more about our line of organic agricultural products below, and see how they can help you eliminate harmful pests and plant diseases.