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moss and algae killer products

Moss and Algae Killer Products

Our moss killer and algae killer products help you control moss and algae infestations in your garden, patio, lawn, and other outdoor places. OMRI® Listed and USDA National Organic Program compliant, our products consist of materials that are easily broken down by nature. If you're concerned about the effect of traditional pesticides on your home and family, our organic moss killer is an excellent choice.


Moss and Algae Identification

Moss and Algae IdenSafer® Brand Moss and Algae Killer is effective against moss, algae, lichens and liverwort. Know your invasive species with this handy identification guide:

Moss: Mosses are soft and green, and they have very small leaves. They can usually be found on hard surfaces, such as roofs or paving stones. They are incredibly resilient and can survive without water for years at a time.

Algae: Algae commonly appear as a thin film that occurs in damp, dark weather conditions. It is usually black, blue/green or, occasionally, yellow in color.

Lichen: Lichen are crusty, leafy growths that occur on trees, roofs, garden furniture and other hard surfaces. They can be a number of different colors, although are typically grey, green or yellow.

Liverwort: Liverwort — small, flat and plantlike — is commonly mistaken for green moss. Liverwort has distinctive, very small nodes at the edge of each leaf.


Why Control Moss and Algae?

Moss and algae may seem harmless, but there are a number of compelling reasons to control them using a moss killing product. On stone walkways, slippery moss buildup can pose a significant safety hazard due to the increased possibility of falls. Add to this the fact that moss tends to be most active during wet or humid periods, and you've got a recipe for injury.


Moss buildup on a roof is common in temperate, rainy climates and can cause serious damage to your home. A significant moss buildup can impede your roof's ability to drain properly, which in turn causes rainwater to pool up, leading to leaks and, potentially, structural damage to your home.


Gardeners also have a compelling reason to use moss killing products. Moss is a hardy plant with a voracious appetite for water and nutrients. A moss infestation means your plants and grass have to work harder for valuable resources. Getting rid of moss and algae improves the overall health of your lawn and garden.


Moss Killing Options

Environmental control is an effective way to kill moss in your lawn or garden. Improving drainage and soil fertility can create an environment unfavorable to moss growth. Limiting the amount of shade can help as well, as moss, lichen and liverwort all thrive in dark spaces.


For persistent moss, algae, liverwort or lichen problems, Safer® Brand Moss and Algae Killer is an effective, organic way to get rid of moss in the garden. Available in a spray bottle or, for larger applications, as a hose attachment, Safer® Brand Moss and Algae Killer stops moss and other nuisance growths in their tracks. 

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