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Clothes Moth Traps & Clothes Moth Control

Holes in your clothing are a likely symptom of a clothes moth infestation in your home. These creatures, along with their larvae, can be tough to remove. Focus on removing the larvae, which do the real damage to your favorite clothing and other fabric products. Safer® Brand offers pesticide-free moth traps and OMRI Listed® moth-killing sprays.

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How to Fight Clothing Moths

Kill clothes moths on contact with Safer® Brand OMRI Listed® Flying Insect Killer. Use the Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Alert trap for 12 weeks of effective clothes moth control. These two products provide the clothes moth control you need to keep your clothing and fabric products from being destroyed.

Interested in learning more about Safer® Brand, OMRI Listed® products and how to battle clothes moths? Safer® Brand has the resources you need:

Clothes moths and their larvae can create major problems inside your home! With the help of Safer® Brand, you can fight back! To learn even more about insect control, join the Safer® Brand Community on Facebook where you can find out even more about organic gardening. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Safer® Brand E-Newsletter for helpful articles and money-saving coupon codes.