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Victor® The Ultimate Stink Bug Indoor Trap

model #: M235

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Product Details:

  • Catches stink bugs without using harmful chemicals.
  • Comes with 1 trap, 4 glue discs, and 4 lure packets.
  • Features a dome design and powerful lure to attract bugs.
  • Refill discs and lures last up to 4 weeks each.
  • Comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
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Victor® The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap

Stink Bug Control

The Ultimate Stink Bug trap attracts and catches indoor stink bug infestations with a powerful lure and our patented dome design.

Don’t look now – or should we say don’t smell now – but the stink bug population is on the rise, especially in the northeastern United States. If you’ve ever had an unexpected encounter with a stink bug, you know that these harmless but pungent pests truly live up to their name. If you need an effective stink bug catcher that can get rid of these unwelcome household guests without having to resort to using chemical pesticides, our fast-acting stink bug trap can provide the all-natural solution you need!


Our Indoor Stink Bug Traps Feature a Powerful Attractant

Effective indoor stink bug control begins with the highly effective Victor® Ultimate Stink Bug Trap. By combining heat, light, and a powerful lure, The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap provides the perfect attractant for stink bugs to tackle your indoor stink bug infestation without the use of harmful chemicals. Looking for an outdoor solution to stink bugs? Check out the Stink Bug Magnet here


This non-poisonous and odor-free stink bug killer trap allows for use around children and pets. The trap comes fully assembled and ready to use.  Make the Ultimate Stink Bug Trap your first line of defense against stink bug infestations inside your home. 


The best part about this stink bug trap is that you can reuse the trap over and over again. Be sure to get our

Ultimate Stink Bug Trap Refill Kit to keep using your trap over and over again!


Directions for Use:

Instructions for The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap

  1. Separate the top canopy of the trap from the bottom tray using thumb grips.
  2. Carefully place the light socket into the hole in the top of the trap canopy.
  3. Secure the socket in place with the treaded bulb protector provided. Do not over tighten.
  4. Gently insert the provided bulb.
  5. Insert the Glue Disc and add the provided lure tab to the glue disc.
  6. Reassemble the trap by aligning the top canopy directly over the bottom tray and press down firmly.
  7. For best results, make sure that you have removed the release paper from refill disc. Place trap on floor in an area where stink bugs are a problem.

    Information About Stink Bugs:

    Information about Stink Bugs

    We have a great infographic to help give you a quick look at stink bugs

    - What are they?

    - Where are they from?

    Get the scoop on stink bugs and be sure to try our trap to make sure they
    don't become a problem for you!


    Victor® - Pest Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 115 Years



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    All About the Stink Bugs that Victor® The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap Controls


    These smelly pests have grown by exponential bounds in recent years and are extremely tough to eliminate.  Stink bugs can take over your house in a matter of days and with their reproductive schedule, can quickly turn from a few into a full blown infestation.


    Learn More About Stink Bugs:


    Learn More about Stink Bugs
    Stink Bugs »  

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