Organic Indoor Stink Bug Control

The Halyomorpha halys, known commonly as the “stink bug,” is a newcomer to the U.S., having only been documented in the U.S. since 1998. Though an introduced species, the stink bug population is on the rise. For gardeners and farmers, these stink bugs can do extensive damage to fruits and vegetables. For homeowners, there's another problem with the brown marmorated stink bug -- they enter homes in search of shelter as the weather grows colder.

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Stink Bug Smell

While stink bugs do not cause harm to humans, they do emit an unpleasant odor (hence the name) that serves as a defense mechanism whenever they feel threatened. Anyone who has accidentally stepped on a stink bug or run over one with a vacuum cleaner is likely to remember the experience!

Eliminate Stink Bugs With Safer® Brand Traps

Safer® Brand has the best solutions to eliminate stink bugs — and without having to resort to toxic chemicals that could pose a threat to your family or pets. We offer two types of non-toxic stink bug traps that help you get rid of stink bugs both inside and outside your home. Both traps are non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets!

Keep Pests Out With the Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet

Prevent stink bugs from coming indoors in the first place with the Stink Bug Magnet. This quick release pheromone trap catches stink bugs outside so you can dispose of them before they take over inside your home. The pheromones lure the stink bugs to the trap where they become stuck and are unable to escape. Simply place the trap in your garden and experience immediate results!

Complement the Stink Bug Magnet With Victor® The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap

Get double the protection with our indoor Victor® The Ultimate Stink Bug Trap. This non-toxic stink bug trap uses a powerful combination of heat, light and an irresistible lure to attract the bugs onto a glue-filled tray. As with the Stink Bug Magnet, the pests become stuck in the trap and cannot escape. Place the trap on the floor in any area of your home where you have detected the presence of stink bugs and watch it go to work immediately!

You Can Also Spray Your Stink Bug Problems Away!

Another way to eliminate stink bugs effectively and organically is with Safer® Brand End ALL™. This ready-to-use spray contains Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids, Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil and organic Pyrethrin, active ingredients that combine to kill up to 45 different types of bugs — including stink bugs. Safer® Brand End ALL™ is OMRI® Listed and USDA-approved for use in organic gardening.

Take a Closer Look at Each of Our Organic Stink Bug Solutions

Take a look at the individual product descriptions below to determine the stink bug solutions that make the most sense for your unique environment. Eliminate stink bugs once and for all with the help of organic stink bug products from Safer® Brand!

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