Whitefly Traps & Sprays

Whiteflies not only munch on the leaves of your prized houseplants and hydroponic harvests, but also carry plant diseases that easily wipe out entire rows of crops. Because of their penchant for destruction, whiteflies are the bane of growers everywhere. But fear not! These tiny pains are no match for Safer® Brand's extensive line of whitefly control products. Browse below before it's too late for your plants!

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  1. $24.99
    • Kill soft bodied insects on contact - aphids, mites & more.
    • Makes up to 12 gallons of solution.
    • Covers up to 3,200 sq ft (32 oz bottle).
    • OMRI Listed® and compliant for use in organic gardening.
    • Can be used up until the day of harvest.
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  2. $21


    • Attracts and traps many types of flying insects.
    • Comes with 21 total stakes (3 packs of 7 stakes).
    • Fully disposable -- just toss and replace when they're full.
    • Contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides -- all natural.
    • Works for whiteflies, fruit flies, blackflies, and more.
  3. $6.99
    • Attracts and traps a variety of flying insects including white flies, fungus gnats, thrips, and fruit flies
    • The poison-free and pesticide-free formula draws pest insects like a magnet
    • Allows easy disposal when full, simply toss it in the trash and replace it
    • Comes with 7 stakes to help keep your plants insect free
    • Best used with potted plants both indoors and outdoors
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  4. $6.99
    • Effectively control pest insects such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies, and fruit flies
    • The poison and pesticide-free trap attracts insects like a magnet and holds them there
    • Conveniently disposable - Simply replace when full
    • For use indoors and outdoors
    • Comes ready-to-use with 3 traps