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Organic Tick Control Products from saferbrand

Organic Tick Control

Ticks are a common pest in much of the United States. Throughout the world, there are over 800 species of tick — not only are they an annoying pest, they are an economic and public health issue. Though most people are aware of the dangers of ticks, many are reluctant to use synthetic pesticides to control them. The Safer® Brand family of products contains many all-natural organic tick control products that can be effective for home and lawn use.


Types of Ticks

Ticks can be classified into two categories, both of which impact human and animal populations in serious ways.

  • Hard ticks: Hard ticks have a tough outer shield — known as a scutum — covering their back section. They attach themselves to a host and can feed for hours or days.
  • Soft ticks: Soft ticks have a leathery exterior and a rounded body. Typically they will feed off a host for less than an hour, but can transmit diseases more quickly.

Both hard and soft ticks are vector agents for a number of diseases, including, most famously, Lyme disease. Other common diseases transmitted by ticks include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever and babesiosis.


Creating a Tick-Free Yard

Environmental management can be an effective form of organic tick control. There are a number of steps you can take to create a tick-free yard, including:

  • Removing leaf litter, clearing brush and mowing the lawn regularly
  • Keeping your lawn free of debris and stacking wood piles neatly to discourage rodents and other potential hosts
  • Building a barrier of gravel or wood chips at least 3 feet wide between your lawn and surrounding areas

While environmental management can discourage ticks from entering your yard, for more comprehensive protection, these methods should be used in conjunction with an organic tick control product.


Safer® Brand Organic Tick Control Products

We offer a number of pesticide-free products that will keep ticks out of your yard for good. For true organic tick control, either of the following options can be useful:

  • Safer® Brand Mosquito and Tick Killer contains a mix of potassium salts of fatty acids (20%) and Pyrethrins (0.24%) that kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact.
  • Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth uses organically sourced silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth) to kill ticks, as well as several other pests including cockroaches and bedbugs.

All our organic tick control products are OMRI® Listed and USDA approved for organic gardening. Kill ticks the organic way with Safer® Brand tick control products!


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