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flying insect traps

Flying Insect Traps

The Safer® Brand family of products has a number of poison-free flying insect traps suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Control some of the most common flying pests without the use of chemical pesticides! Our flying insect traps are effective and easy to use. We offer solutions for several of the most common flying pests in the home and garden, including:

  • Moths: Clothes moths can easily eat their way through an entire wardrobe unless you take steps to control their numbers. Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Traps use pheromones to attract and trap adult moths, keeping them out of your closet. Available in a convenient six-pack, one trap provides up to 12 weeks of protection for an average sized room.
  • Yellow jackets: Perfect for outdoor use, Victor® Poison Free® Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Traps come with an effective natural bait yellow jackets can't resist. Also useful for controlling fruit and house flies, this flying insect trap is reusable and provides long-lasting protection for your cookout, patio party or camping trip.
  • Flies: Flies are one of the most annoying pests in the home or garden, and we've got a wide variety of traps to keep them away! The Victor® Fly Magnet™ is an effective flying insect trap with one of the most powerful baits on the market. In fact, it out-performs similar products by 20 to 1! For indoor applications, the Victor® Poison-Free® Indoor Fly Trap uses a patent-pending three-dimensional pattern to attract flies without the use of chemical pesticides. Perfect for control of blowflies and houseflies, this product is easy to use and dispose of. For more flying insect traps for the home or garden, view our full line of products.
  • Whiteflies: Keep your garden and houseplants free from whitefly infestation with Safer® Brand Sticky Whitefly Traps. Simply hang the trap above the affected area and shake the plant gently — whiteflies will be instantly attracted. If whiteflies, aphids or thrips are damaging your plants, our flying insect traps make control easy.
  • Japanese beetles: For year-round control of Japanese beetles, Safer® Brand Japanese Beetle Traps use a food/sex attractant to disrupt the mating cycles of these harmful pests. Keep your roses and raspberry bushes pest-free with this flying insect trap!

Why Safer® Brand

Safer® Brand is your best bet for organic pest control! Our flying insect traps contain natural attractants that are easily broken down by nature. We also offer a wide range of OMRI® Listed and USDA approved for organic gardening pest control products.


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