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Organic Wasp and Hornet Control Products from saferbrand

Organic Wasp and Hornet Control

Many people have a fear of wasps and hornets, and for good reason — their stings are painful and can lead to infection, hives and swelling. Although only one or two out of every 1,000 people is allergic or hypersensitive to wasp and hornets, each year as many as 40 people die in the United States due to flying insect stings. Protect yourself from wasps, hornets and yellow jackets with Safer® Brand organic hornet control products. From traps to aerosol sprays, we've got everything you need to keep your home wasp and hornet-free.


Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket ID

In order to effectively control wasps and other flying pests, you need to know what you're dealing with.

  • Paper wasps are black or brown with yellow markings and have long, thin bodies and long legs. They build circle-shaped, open nests (like a honeycomb), usually on eaves and other protected spots up high. They eat primarily live insects.
  • Yellow jackets are similar to hornets and paper wasps but are smaller and have more clearly articulated yellow banding. Typically they make their nests underground and scavenge on dead insects and sugary food waste.
  • Hornets have larger heads than other flying pests. They build large, enclosed nests, usually in eaves, trees and other protected spots. Like paper wasps, they feed off other insects.

Hornet, Wasp and Yellow Jacket Management

The most effective methods of hornet and wasp control involve going after their nests and their food sources. Eliminate wasps' food sources by keeping your garbage covered tightly and stored far from the house. Be sure to pick up any fallen fruit if you have fruit trees. Getting rid of sweet-smelling flowers or moving them father away from the home can be useful as well.


You can discourage yellow jackets from building their nests in your yard by keeping your lawn mowed and free of weeds. This will also control the population of certain insects other wasps like to feed on, including spiders and caterpillars.


Wasp and Hornet Control with Safer® Brand Products

To get rid of wasps' nests in the home, use an organic wasp control spray, such as Safer® Brand Wasp and Hornet Killer. Make sure you are well-covered and wearing goggles before spraying the nest. When there are no more signs of wasp activity, the nest can be safely removed.


We also offer a full line of yellow jacket control products for outdoor use. View our full line of organic hornet control products and take back your home and yard!


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