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Find saferbrand insect traps for your home & garden here

Insect Control Traps

Whether it comes by ground or air, an unexpected insect invasion can cause plenty of damage to your home or garden and even jeopardize the health of your family and pets. If you’re like many homeowners who are faced with an insect problem these days, you want to avoid using traditional pesticides laden with toxic chemicals. Safer® Brand can provide a more palatable alternative to chemical pesticides. We offer a broad selection of effective pest control traps that eliminate bugs the all-natural way.


All Types of Bug Traps for All Types of Bugs!

When you shop our incredible selection of pest control traps, you’ll find insect traps for your home & garden and for a variety of insect types. Light traps, sticky traps, pheromone traps and more are available for safe, all natural pest control. Our extensive insect trap inventory includes:


Crawling Insect Traps

Crawling insects come in many varieties. The Safer® Brand family of pest control products includes insect traps that contain natural attractants to effectively lure pests in for a quick and mess-free kill. Our non-poisonous, odorless traps do not pose a danger to your children and pets. Say goodbye to fleas, stink bugs, silverfish, cockroaches and other creepy-crawly critters once and for all!

Flying Insect Traps

Flying insects have the benefit of mobility, which can make getting rid of them a daunting challenge. The Safer® Brand family of flying insect traps can effectively eliminate winged pests from the inside and outside of your home. No more concerns about moths raiding your closet or pantry, no more fretting over filthy flies spreading germs throughout your home, and no more worries about yellow jackets stinging you and your family as you enjoy relaxing outdoors on a warm summer day.


Why Choose Safer® Brand Pest Control Traps?

Safer® Brand bug traps contain all-natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to attract and kill pests. These ingredients are broken down in the environment into components that can be useful to nature and your plants.


You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re using products that don’t contain synthetic materials that could endanger your family.

Browse Our Complete Selection of Organic Insect Traps

Take a closer look at each of our organic bug traps and choose the ones that are right for your indoor or outdoor environment. Many of these traps are available in money-saving bundles to help you maximize your pest control dollar. Let Safer® Brand insect traps help you put an end to flying and crawling pests in your home or garden!

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