Protect Yourself With Safer® Brand’s Organic Mosquito and Tick Control

Ticks and mosquitoes can turn an enjoyable night in your yard into an itchy, uncomfortable nightmare. Safer® Brand offers multiple ways to ward off those unwanted pests. Our organic products kill ticks and mosquitoes on contact, so you can get back to enjoying your night without bug bites.

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Are Grubs Destroying Your Lawn?

Signs of a grub infestation may include any of the following:

  • Brown or yellow patches that are irregularly shaped
  • Beetles in the yard between May and July
  • Birds, skunks, raccoons and moles feeding in your yard
  • Spongy sod that can be lifted up easily to reveal white c-shaped grubs

Grubs are among the most persistent lawn pests, but they can be controlled with Safer® Brand lawn pest control products. Safer® Brand Grub Killer is an OMRI® Listed organic lawn pest killer effective against grubs, June bugs and other pests that eat away at your lawn. Made with organic neem seed oil, one application provides up to 7 days of protection against grubs.

40-in-one Organic Lawn Insect Control

Need a convenient way to eliminate a wide variety of lawn bugs in one shot? Safer® Brand Bug Patrol is a ready-to-spray concentrate that kills over 40 varieties of pests on contact! Effective against beetles, aphids, whiteflies and more, this product contains a mixture of pyrethrins and potassium salts of fatty acids, making an effective lawn pest control product that's also 100% organic! Get the best results against hard and soft bodied insects with Safer® Brand Bug Patrol!

Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth

Get a healthy lawn and a pest-free house with Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth. One application of this product kills not only lawn-destroying insects such as millipedes, crickets and ants, it also eliminates household pests including cockroaches, bedbugs and silverfish. Derived from freshwater sources, our amorphous diatomaceous earth — also known as silicone dioxide — is OMRI®-listed and contains no carcinogenic chemicals. For your home and your yard, don't accept anything other than 100% organic amorphous diatomaceous earth for lawn insect control.

Why Organic?

By purchasing organic or natural lawn pest control products, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're buying a product containing no synthetic or man-made chemicals. Check out the full line of Safer® Brand organic lawn pest control products today!