Safer® Brand offers effective, fast-acting aerosol sprays that will protect your yard from insects without posing a threat to your kids or pets.

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Safer® Brand Outdoor Pest Control Aerosols

Are buzzing, swooping, stinging pests making it difficult for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors? Safer® Brand aerosol sprays offer an effective, natural pest control alternative to chemical insecticides. They also give you the flexibility to target specific areas where insects are gathering on your property. Kill pests on contact and eradicate the nests where they live and raise their offspring.

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Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Wasp and Hornet Killer - 12 Cans, b5730-12
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Outdoor Insect, Safer® Brand Wasp & Hornet Killer Aerosol 14oz, 5730
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Use Our Outdoor Pest Control Products with Total Peace of Mind

Our outdoor aerosol sprays contain organic ingredients such as D-Limonene, pyrethrins and potassium salts of fatty acids — reliable insect killers that will not harm your family, pets or the environment.


Our sprays are also CFC-free and leave a fresh citrus scent — not a lingering chemical odor. They will not stain most surfaces, so you can apply them directly on outdoor furniture without worries.


You Can Keep a Safe Distance While Applying Our Sprays

The last thing you want is to get too close to an angry wasp, hornet or yellow jacket! Our outdoor pest control aerosol sprays can be used at distances of up to 15 feet, enabling you to stay out of harm’s way during application. You’ll also be able to easily reach nests or hives located in trees, gutters and other out-of-the-way places where insects make their homes.


Save Money by Purchasing Our Aerosol Sprays in Bundles

You can purchase our outdoor aerosol sprays individually or in economical multi-can bundles that provide the best value for your pest control dollar. Buying bundles also ensures you’ll always have our organic* pest control solution on hand when you need it. You won’t have to worry about a sudden insect invasion ruining your outdoor party or a relaxing day in the yard with your family.


Keep Insects at Bay the All-Natural Way: Order Your Safer® Brand Aerosol Spray Today!

Don’t let outdoor pests become a nuisance in your yard, on your deck or in your garden. Keep them away all season long with the help of organic pest control solutions from Safer® Brand. Order yours right here at today!


*For use in organic gardening