saferbrand organic multi-insect control

Organic Multi-Insect Control

There are a wide variety of harmful insects that can cause damage to your yard or garden. Both flying and crawling insects can pose a threat. Common culprits include worms, caterpillars, stink bugs, and beetles. With so many pests eager to invade your garden and ruin all of your hard work, it’s a good idea to have a reliable multi-insect killer on hand at all times.

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Take Care of Your Insect Pest Problem

Safer® Brand offers an array of fast-acting organic multi-insect control products that will help you mount an effective defense against many different types of pests at once.


Our organic insect control solutions contain all-natural ingredients — such as pyrethrin, bacillus thuringiensis, neem oil and potassium salts of fatty acids — that enable you to kill bugs without using chemical insecticides. Many of our products are OMRI® Listed and USDA approved for use in organic gardening.


Kill Problem Insects Quickly!

Once an infestation occurs, you need a product that can eliminate the pests quickly — before they have the chance to cause significant damage. Many of our multi-insect control products kill bugs on contact, while others cause death within a few days of ingestion. When used as directed, our organic pest control solutions do not harm the beneficial insects that your garden needs to thrive. They’re also gentle enough to use on your plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and ornamentals.


Choose the Application Method That Best Meets Your Needs

Safer® Brand multi-insect control products give you the flexibility to select the application method that is ideally suited for your unique growing or gardening situation. We offer concentrate formulations that can be mixed with water for easy application on larger growing areas to help maximize your pest control dollar. Our ready-to-use sprays provide effective spot treatment of plants, giving you a more targeted pest control solution.


Order Your Multi-Insect Control Product Right Here at!

Don’t wait for an insect infestation to occur before taking action to get rid of plant-destroying bugs. Order your Safer® Brand multi-insect killer today and be prepared for whatever type of crawling or flying insect comes your way!


*For use in organic gardening