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Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet Outdoor Trap

model #: M237

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Product Details:

  • Attracts and catches stink bugs without the use of poisons.
  • Comes with 1 stink bug trap, 1 bait packet, and 1 hanging mechanism.
  • Can be used in your garden.
  • Lures stink bugs from up to 30ft. away.
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
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Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet Trap

Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet


Keep stink bugs out of your garden and off of your leaves with our poison-free Stink Bug Magnet


The Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet utilizes a quick release pheromone to attract and trap stink bugs quickly and effectively, without the use of poisons.


Our quick release pheromone is the most successful on the market and is only featured in the Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet.  While the pheromone used in other traps on the market are slow release pheromones and can take up to 2 weeks to work, the pheromone used in the Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet works immediately to eradicate your problem quickly!


This is the only safe solution available for your garden!

The Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet is designed for use outdoors and is the only trap in the world that can be used in your garden.  Simply place the Stink Bug Magnet in your garden to attract and trap nymph stink bugs. Nymph stink bugs feed voraciously and are the culprits who attack your garden.  Adult stink bugs are actively looking to reproduce and find a place to lay their eggs (which can also be your garden).


Nymph stink bugs are unable to fly so they crawl up and eat your plants.  By placing this trap on the ground, the pheromone attracts the nymphs and they become stuck in the trap.


The Safer® Brand Stink Bug Magnet can also be hung from a tree or other region using the included hanging mechanism.  This dual use trap is the only one of its kind on the market and since it uses the most effective pheromone on the market, this is sure to trap more stink bugs than any other trap. 


Replacement lures are available so that you can re-use your trap as often as necessary!

Shop replacement lures »


Need an indoor stink bug solution? Check out the Ultimate Stink Bug trap here »


Instructions for the Stink Bug Magnet

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Trap Assembly

  1. Remove the clear plastic top to the trap, simply by seperating the plastic top from the base.
  2. Open the pheromone packet and remove pheromone from the protective packet.
  3. Place the pheromone in the ridge on the top of the trap.
  4. Place the clear plastic top back onto the trap and place trap in desired location to trap stink bugs.
Click hereto view the instruction sheet where you can learn further tips and directions on how to place the pheromone in the trap and to ensure the best results.full instructions.


Information About Stink Bugs:

Information about Stink Bugs

We have a great infographic to help give you a quick look at stink bugs

- what are they?

- where are they from?

Get the scoop on stink bugs and be sure to try our trap to make sure they
don't become a problem for you!


Victor® - Pest Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 100 Years!



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All About...


All About the Stink Bugs


These smelly pests have grown by exponential bounds in recent years and are extremely tough to eliminate.  Stink bugs can take over your house in a matter of days and with their reproductive schedule, can quickly turn from a few into a full blown infestation.


Learn More About Stink Bugs In Our Insect Library:


Learn More about Stink Bugs
Stink Bugs »  

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