Victor® Insectigone Flea Killer 7oz

Model #: M514




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  • Attracts and kills fleas.
  • Comes with a 7oz puffer bottle for easy application.
  • Made from Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Odorless for indoor use.
  • Kills by dehydration within 48 hours.
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Victor® Insectigone Flea Killer

Victor® Insectigone Flea Killer is made from Diatomaceous Earth formula to attract and kill fleas within 48 hours. Sprinkle product on floor area and on pet’s bedding to control fleas.

How it Works:

Even though Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) looks and feels like a powder to humans, it's razor sharp to a flea’s delicate exoskeleton. Our formula contains a special bait to attract the fleas to the powder, and once they crawl through it or ingest it, D.E. cuts their exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate and die. Victor® Insectigone Flea Killer can also be used to control other crawling insects like cockroaches, ants, earwigs, silverfish, crickets, millipedes and centipedes.

The best part is that unlike chemical control products or topical pet treatments, insects cannot become immune to D.E. since it functions as a mechanical killer!

A Note about Diatomaceous Earth:

But BEWARE.... all Diatomaceous Earth is not the same. Victor® Insectigone Flea Killer with Diatomaceous Earth is made from amorphous Diatomaceous Earth, known as silicon dioxide. This particular type of Diatomaceous Earth is derived from fresh water sources (made of crushed fossilized diatoms) and is NOT the same as Diatomite D.E. which can be derived from unnatural sources.

For comprehensive protection against fleas, it’s best to use a combination of products especially if you have a large flea infestation. The Victor® The Ultimate Flea Trap® is another effective, non-toxic solution for indoor flea control. Use along with our Flea Killer powder and you’ll be flea free in no time!


Victor® Insectigone Flea Killer - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Kills fleas by ingestion/dehydration within 48 hours
  • Odorless for indoor use
  • Kills fleas and other crawling insects

What's in the Box:

  • 1 "Puffer" Bottle


  • 7oz Bottle - powder presentation
  • Contains Diatomaceous Earth (77.69%)

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All About

All About the Fleas that Victor® Insectigone Flea Killer Controls

Fleas can be a real nuisance to you and especially your pets. They can quickly reproduce and become an infestation in very little time. A female can lay 45-50 eggs per day and up to 600 in a lifetime. Fleas usually lay their eggs directly on a living host like your pet.

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