Victor® Poison Free® Hobo Spider Trap - 4 Traps

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  • Traps spiders, including the deadly hobo spider.
  • Comes pre-baited.
  • Set & place along baseboards & in corners for best results.
  • Features lock-tab to hide trapped spiders from view.
  • Completely disposable--just toss and replace.
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Victor® Poison Free® Hobo Spider Trap

Protect your family and pets from poisonous spiders. This small product traps even the deadly hobo spider of the Northwest and all venomous spiders!

The Victor® Poison Free® Hobo Spider Trap is pre-baited so no messy setting or baiting is required. The lock-tab tent hides spiders and crawling insects from direct view. Our hobo spider traps are effective on all venomous spiders.

Directions for Use:

  1. Slowly remove release paper.
  2. Fold into “tent” or use as flat trap by folding trap lengthwise along perforation.
  3. Place trap against wall.

Victor® Poison-Free® Solutions – chemical & poison free pest control products for your home and garden.


Victor® Poison Free® Hobo Spider Trap - Specifications

Product Features:

  • Traps the deadly hobo spider and all venomous spiders
  • Lock-tab hides crawling insects and spiders from direct view

What's in the Box:

  • 4 traps


  • Pre-baited: no setting or baiting required

Disclaimer: Safer® Brand does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

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Review posted on
August 8, 2012
Hobo Spider Traps Work! By
My wife and I saw several Hobo spiders on the downstairs carpet of our home over a two day period. Realizing the danger they pose to us and out pets, I needed to get rid of the spiders quickly.A co-worker recommended Victor baited Hobo spider traps. I put out 8 of them along walls and in dark corners of the rooms and caught 9 huge Hobo spiders the first night! We had no idea there were even that many in our home!I'm sure more will be caught in them tonight at this rate. I would give this product a 10 out of 10 for effectiveness. I think anyone who has Hobo spiders in their home and says these traps don't work is not correctly placing them up close against the walls and near corners where the Hobo's travel along. I highly recommend this Hobo spider trap and give this product an A++, and will buy more in the future.
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 19, 2011
Review Posted on By
I was at war and I was losing! Anyone who has ever had a huge brown recluse spider crawl on their arm while in bed knows that sleep for the next few days will be hard to come by! After a very wet spring all the recluses moved into my house this year and I was at my wits end trying to get rid of them. I talked with an insect exterminator but he told me that they can shed their skin and that spraying really doesn't help get rid of them unless you spray them directly (I don't know if this is true but I don't think he would have lied to me). The spiders got so bad not a day would pass without me finding one in the sink or my clothes. Every corner I found them, under every bed or table they were always hiding. I was close to moving out of my house when I thought I might make one last stand when I got three packs of these Victor Hobo spider traps in hopes that they would work.I have never been so excited to get spider traps in the mail! I rushed home and began to set them up. Each pack comes with a chart showing the deadly spiders in the US. I know all too well what a recluse looks like but I thought this was a nice touch.Setting the traps took me just a bit of time to figure out but soon I got the hang of it and got one made up. I went to my room to set them up and, as fate would have it, right in the middle of my room there stood a large recluse just looking at me as if to daring me try and stop his evil deeds. I took this chance to see how well these things REALLY work.I bent down low and set the trap right in front of the evil thing and gave him a tap on the rear to get him to move into it*****I DO NOT recommend tapping, pushing, pinching or in any way touching a recluses' rear... the last thing you want is a spider pressing charges against you (I know that wasn't as funny as I thought it was)****** Anyway, much to my dismay, only two of Spitonia's legs stuck to the glue (I named the recluse Spitonia because it sounded like a good name for an evil spider) I found my finger very close to Spitonia's fangs but to my amazement, even though only two legs came in contact with the glue it held the evil Spitonia fast to the trap! And the kingdom was saved!Weeks later I forgot about all the traps I set up. I had looked at all the traps the first few days, however, Spitonia was the only spider I had caught. I didn't really think about the traps because I hadn't seen any recluses since Spitonia. Last night before I went to bed I remembered the traps and decided to look at the one under my bed. Spitonia was still there and there was a bunch more recluse friends that had joined him! In the three traps I had in my small room I have trapped 7 recluses so far (No, I didn't name the other six though one did kinda look like a "Bob") and that's just in my bed room!!! These traps are amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone with spider trouble!
Review Rate
Review posted on
August 18, 2011
Review Posted on By
When I first saw this product, I was hesitant, because I wasn't sure if it would actually work. The reviews on Amazon were pretty sound, so I went ahead and tried it out. I bought a pack at Home Depot for slightly more money because I could not sleep at night knowing how many spiders there were around. These ended up working better than I thought they would!I put 2 traps in my bedroom, and 2 traps in the bathroom. After the first night, the traps had 3 spiders caught in them in only my bedroom. After 1 week, I have at least 10 across the bedroom and bathroom. Thats at least 10 BIG spiders that would otherwise be dancing on top of me while I sleep at night, mocking me and laughing at my futile attempts to catch them in the past. Now they walk in in constant fear that each day could be their last. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.One more thing, I wouldn't really call it a bad thing, just an observation, but these things smell very strongly of honey/food when you first open them. Make sure you keep your pets away from them, because the adhesive is very strong and will not be fun to get out of their fur.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 12, 2011
Review Posted on By
I had absolutely no idea how many spiders were lurking around our house!!! The very next day after putting out the initial 4-pack of traps, the traps by the front and back doors already housed single digits of spiders. A month later, and it is a virtual dead-spider colony of epic proportions! All I know is that the cardboard type traps are folded up into a 4-sided box shape (by you) with the flow-through 'ends' open, the inside is super sticky. Something in the sticky part must attract them, and the second they go investigate, wham, their legs get stuck.So, if you believe the only good spiders are dead ones - this is the product for you! FYI: We have purchased 3 more packages since the initial package, and plan to buy them as long as they keep making and selling them!
Review Rate
Review posted on
October 10, 2010
Review Posted on By
I have tried many spider traps in the past, but if you are having a hard time controlling the amount of spider traffic in your home, I would whole-heartedly recommend this trap. It is specialized so that the bait is in the glue and once a spider gets in, he doesn't get out. Rating this five stars because it is the best on the market!
Review Rate
Review posted on
October 6, 2010
Review Posted on By
... not knowing what's crawling around your house. I set two outside, one on each side of the main entry door. I got not only the really scary humongous spiders I wanted trapped, but an entire zoo of other horrible crawling things. I replace them once a week. Noticeably fewer spiders inside my apartment now.
Review Rate
Review posted on
September 13, 2010
Review Posted on By
My landlord recommended these to me (I live in a basement), so I picked up a pack awhile ago at ACE Hardware and put several in my room and bathroom. A few months later, I checked all the traps and most of them were FULL. I had around 80 dead spiders, many of them Hobo spiders!So now I'm buying more of these handy things! No more spiders running into the shower while I'm dancing in there!!! ;-)
Review Rate
Review posted on
September 3, 2010
Review Posted on By
I have been using these spider traps for 5+ years and absolutely love them & will never go without them again. I live in a basement which gets a lot of spiders, including Hobo spiders and these traps get them! They are extremely sticky, so much so that they are even a little hard to set up (if folding them), but once in place they work wonders. If in doubt, try it'll be hooked. I will typically set up 2-4 per room, in pathways that seem to be spider friendly.
Review Rate
Review posted on
July 17, 2010
Review Posted on By
I put these traps by the wall near entry points to my house and along the hallway on the way to my room. All have caught giant ground spiders and other sundry insects. These are the spiders that show up in the middle of the night when you turn on the light to get to the bathroom. Now they are STOPPED!Cons? My dog lay down and got a trap stuck on her tail. She lost a clump of hair getting it unstuck. Small price to pay for a better nights' sleep. I will never be without this product.
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