Insect Library

By learning about the insects that inhabit your lawn and garden, you will find safe, favorable methods of controlling them, so you can have a healthy garden, without adding toxins to the environment. Products that have the OMRI Listed® seal are compliant for use in organic production and can provide you with the protection you have been looking for.


Garden Insect Library

Whether you are combating cucumber beetles, struggling with scale insects, or not sure what you have, find out all the info you need to know to arm yourself with effective methods of controlling many garden insects.

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Flying Insect Library

Many barbecues and family reunions have been ruined by pesky flies, biting mosquitoes and stinging wasps and hornets. Control these flying insect pests using products that are compliant for use in organic production, and you can get back to having fun, undisturbed celebrations.

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Crawling Insect Library

Ants, ticks, bed bugs, fleas, and cockroaches -- they make people want to scream, especially when they are found inside the home! Learn about these creepy crawling pests and find out about ways to control them with diatomaceous earth and other products.

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Beneficial Bugs Library

Yes, there really are good bugs in this world! These beneficial insects prey on those insects that harm the plants in our gardens and our lawns. Some can be purchased commercially, but most can also be attracted to your garden by growing the right type of plants.

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Insects in Education

Looking to explore the world of bugs beyond your garden and even your country? Insects in Education takes a look at some of the fascinating bugs, spiders and similar creepy-crawlers that live across the globe. Each entry includes fascinating insect facts and a downloadable classroom poster for students and teachers.

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