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Flying Insect Library

Flying insects can ruin outdoor events, such as picnics, reunions, and family backyard barbecues. Ridding your yard of these pests can be a daunting task. Using insect killer and pesticide products that are compliant for use in organic production, can eliminate your pest problem, while keeping your family safe.

Use our flying insect library to learn more about these flying insects, such as habits, habitats, and most importantly, excellent control options to get rid of them.

Our flying insect library includes flies, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, meal moths, and clothes moths…all the pests that often interrupt our family events. Safer® Brand gives you the tools you need to control flying insects in your home and garden. Take back control and get rid of these pests with Safer® Brand line of insect killer products.


Boxelder Bugs

The good news is that boxelder bugs don't really hurt your trees, lawn or garden. The bad news is that nothing really likes to eat them, so your property can be overwhelmed by these orange-and-black bugs. Indoors or out, these insects can be major pests!

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Clothes Moths

The clothes moth is only destructive during the larval stage. Clothing, upholstery, curtains and other furnishings may be ruined by their feeding. These pesky insects can ruin your favorite shirt!! Stop them in their tracks. Click below to learn more.

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It's no wonder there are so many flies! The female housefly will lay about 50 to 100 eggs at one time and these eggs will hatch into maggots in a mere 12 hours after being deposited. Click below to find out how to get rid of flies.

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Meal Moths

Meal moth larvae can cause considerable damage to any place with food, especially your kitchen! Eliminate these pests with solutions from Safer® Brand. Click below to learn more.

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Mosquitoes can be found throughout the world. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 200 different species. These pesky insects can leave damaging remnants and ruin your family events. Click below to find how to eliminate these pests.

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Wasps & Hornets

Social wasps include: hornets, yellow jackets, and umbrella or paper wasps. Hornets are not really aggressive toward humans, but watch out for that yellow jacket! Eliminate these pests!

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