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Insects in Action: 5 Must-See Bug Videos

Insects in Action: 5 Must-See Bug Videos

Insects are the last thing you want to see in your indoor garden, but you'll be fascinated watching these amazing clips of bugs you are sure to loathe. While you're being amused and repulsed, you just might pick up a few hints on how to prevent and control them.

Video 1: Spider Mite Circus


Thousands of the tiny crawlers march to and fro on plants draped with the pests' destructive webbing. Don't miss: The clear shots of how the web envelops the plants show you what to look for when spider mites invade.

Video 2: LadyBug Muncha Muncha Muncha on Aphids


Check out this high-definition footage of a ladybug crawling up a plant stem and tearing into aphids. Don't miss: Around the one-minute mark of this clip, one of the aphids attempts to escape. If you've had a frustrating experience with the little pests in your garden, you'll be pleased to see nature take its course.

Video 3: Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis (Greenhouse thrips) with Nikon D90


Close-up, detailed footage of thrips and mites crawling and feeding on a leaf, set to creepy, atmospheric music. Don't miss: Helpful text labels the different species and stages, which can make identification easier for you.

Video 4: Larval Procession Fungus Gnat


The number-one pest of damp-grow rooms, fungus gnats cling together as they move. This short clip shows how they look like a slithering blob until you get a closer look. Don't miss: The detailed view of their appearance and how they move can prepare you to react fast when these pests hatch in your indoor garden.

Video 5: 10 Insects You Won't Believe Actually Exist


Enjoy” these unsettling images of snake-size leeches, killer bees, giant spiders, and more, with a narrator sharing their most horrifying attributes. Don't miss: Insect number two, the assassin bug, is actually a beneficial insect that preys on common garden pests.

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