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Watch This: 5 Must-See Plant Videos

Watch This: 5 Must-See Plant Videos

Watching plants grow is the definition of painfully dull. But through the power of Youtube, you can be entertained by seeing amazing videos of how plants grow and pick up a few insights that will help you be more successful with your indoor garden. Here are a handful of fascinating clips that caught our attention.

1) 4-Minute Guide to Clones and Cloning


See the simple, easy-to-follow steps to creating new plants from cuttings for small, indoor gardens. Don't miss: The key details on temperature and humidity that ensure success.

2) 30 Day Basil Time Lapse


See a month of growth in a hydroponic garden compressed to 3:41 minutes. Don't miss: The addition of the monitor at around 3:00 shows how high the ambient CO2 rises as the plants grow.

3) Xylem and Phloem


Though the title sounds like the name of a TV cartoon for adults, this video uses animation to show the inner workings of plants. Don't miss: The explanation about how the nutrients you provide for your indoor crops are absorbed and move through plants.

4) 10 Plants That Could Kill You


Several of the species mentioned in this rundown of lethal plants are commonly found in home gardens Don't miss: The detailed descriptions of the agonizing outcomes that result from contact with these plants.

5) Unbelievable Footage of Exploding Plants


No dynamite is used and no plants are harmed in this slo-mo clip of plants that disperse their seeds through propulsion. Don't miss: When a little tap jars the ripe squirting cucumber, a geyser of fluid and tiny seeds shoot into the air.

Your Plant Videos

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