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5 Books For Indoor Gardeners

5 Books For Indoor Gardeners

Indoor growers have lots of information available to them with just a click of the computer mouse, but books are still an invaluable resource for more in-depth explanations and detailed photos than any other media. Books also offer inspiration and personal insights that can be as valuable as the facts. Consider adding these five books to your growing library.

Hydroponics Basics

Author: George F. Van Patten Published: 2011

Hydroponic Basics Summary: A brief but comprehensive guide to all aspects of the process, from choosing a system to caring for the plants to troubleshooting problems.

Best for: Newbies who want just the information they need to get started.

Modern Gardening

Author: P. Karn

Published: 2015

Modern Gardening Summary: A small but detailed guide to indoor growing in soil or a hydro system, whether in a closet, a grow room, or a modest-size greenhouse. Includes information on managing plants through their entire life cycle, from seed to harvest.

Best for: Gardeners trying to decide whether a soil-based or hydroponic approach is best for them.

How To Hydroponics

Author: Keith Roberto Published: 2003

How-To Hydroponics Summary: A bright, photo-rich guide with lots of step-by-step plans that show you how to do everything from setting up the system to mixing up nutrient solution to cloning plants yourself.

Best for: Those who learn best by seeing.  

Aquaponic Gardening

Published: 2013

Aquaponic Gardening Summary: An easy-to-follow introduction to growing plants and raising fish in a mutually beneficial system. While the information is aimed at novices, experienced aquaponic gardeners will also learn about new strategies and set-ups.

Best for: Advanced growers who are ready to try managing a more complex system.

Natural Pest Control

Published: 2010

Natural Pest and Disease Control Summary: While not specifically about indoor gardening, this book includes all the pests and diseases that are common problems in grow rooms and it offers safe and effective solutions and advice on preventing future infestations.

Best for: Every grower who wants to treat their crops' problems without toxic chemicals.

Your Favorite Books for Hydro Gardening?

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