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Do Hydroponic Reservoirs Need Float Valves?

Do Hydroponic Reservoirs Need Float Valves?

Just like the plumbing in your commode, your hydroponic reservoir needs a float valve to keep the tank topped off. Adding this simple contraption to your reservoir can help you automate the process of watering and feeding your hydroponic plants.

At the most basic level, a float valve shuts off a water source once the water reaches a predetermined level in your reservoir. It does this by using an air-filled bulb or another buoyant object that is pushed higher and higher as the water level increases. This bulb is connected to a rigid stem which, in turn, is connected to a valve.  As the bulb rises with the water level, the stem slowly rotates the valve shut, stopping the water flow.  As the water is absorbed by plants, the bulb lowers, the valve reopens and more water enters the reservoir.

In a hydroponic system, a float valve will ensure that your plants are never left without water. 

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