How Do You Train Vining Plants?

How Do You Train Vining Plants?

Q: How are vining plants trained in indoor gardens?

A: When a plant is grown in an indoor hydroponic garden, it almost always has a smaller root ball than it would in a natural setting. The root ball helps the plant stand up straight as it grows, endure harsh weather and snap back upright when pushed aside. For vining plants, this root ball is key for anchoring the plant and supplying it with nutrients. For hydroponic gardeners, a vining plants’ root ball needs extra support.

Therefore, in an indoor hydroponic garden, most vining plants are trained to climb up and into a support structure, such as a trellis, stake or string, which is placed above the reservoir. Further, if support is not provided, a vining plant will sprawl all over your system and smother out other plants. Most plants are clipped or tied to the support, though some can be wound around it.

Among the vining plants suitable for hydroponic gardens are peppers, cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes, all of which can be fueled by hydroponic fertilizers.


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