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How to Get Rid of Skunks in 5 Easy Steps

How to Get Rid of Skunks in 5 Easy Steps

Having skunks around your home can present a number of health and safety hazards. Aside from the threat of being sprayed with their noxious musk, skunks are also known carriers of rabies and other diseases that can harm your family or pets.

Skunks will also tear open trash bags and topple garbage cans, which can attract other vermin and insects to your home. By removing food sources, eliminating hiding places and using an effective skunk repellent, you can make your home inhospitable to skunks, forcing them to go elsewhere.

Get Rid of Skunks by Sprucing Up Your Home

Wondering how to get rid of skunks around your property? Follow these tips to dissuade them:

Step 1: Remove food sources around your home, such as pet-food bowls and low-hanging bird feeders.

Step 2: Place all trash in cans with tight-fitting, locking lids.

Step 3: Eliminate any insect infestations you have. Also be sure to take care of any rodent infestations, as skunks will eat small rodents.

Step 4: Remove piles of brush, wood or other debris in your yard that could serve as a hiding place for skunks.

Step 5: Use wire mesh to seal any openings in or around your home that skunks could be using to enter crawlspaces, basements or other areas.

Once you’ve eliminated food sources and hiding places, your home will be less appealing to skunks; however, this does not mean they won’t come back. By using an effective skunk repellent, you can keep the skunks away.

Liquid and Granular Skunk Repellents

Available in liquid or granular form, Safer® Brand skunk repellent is safe, comprised of all natural ingredients that repel skunks effectively without harming them. Simply sprinkle or spray the repellent around your property, and the taste, smell and touch of the repellent will drive skunks away.

Electronic Skunk Repellents

The motion detector sprinkler is an effective skunk repellent because it uses fear to condition the animal to stay away. It senses the heat and motion of nuisance animals. Once detected, the repellent sprays a burst of water while creating a “ticking” sound—startling the animal and shooing it away. The noise, motion and spray of the repellent will make skunks reluctant to venture back into your yard. So, take these steps to spruce up your home, then get an effective skunk repellent to keep them away!

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