How to Start a School Garden

How to Start a School Garden

School gardens can have an amazing impact on students.

  • School gardens can help get kids outside and moving.
  • Students with gardens tend to perform better on tests.
  • Gardens can even get students more engaged in learning about the environment and nutrition.
  • It also encourages kids to eat more veggies and fruits.

Providing a chance for a healthier future is exactly why Safer® Brand is giving away a $500 school garden grant. For more information on why school gardens matter, how to build one and to apply for the Safer® School Garden Grant check out the information below.

Starting Your School Garden

Starting a school garden isn’t as simple as buying some seed packets. There’s a few steps you have to take to get your garden going.

  • Talk to the people in charge of your school about starting a garden. You’ll need their permission to continue. Be sure to tell them why you want a garden and what you think that can do for your school.
  • Find money to start your garden. You may find funding for your garden in unexpected places. Nurseries around town might be interested in donating garden supplies. You can also consider fundraising activities or applying for school garden grants like the one we offer below. If your school has a close knit community of parents involved with the school you could consider approaching them about donations. Whether they give money or items needed for the garden you’re that much closer to having everything you need.
  • Get members of the community involved in creating your garden. Having support in every step will make the journey to your school’s garden that much easier.
  • Pick the perfect spot for your garden. Make sure it has enough sun to feed your plants, a place to get water and appropriate drainage. If your garden isn’t indoors having it fenced in might be a good idea. Not only is it safer for students but it may keep hungry animals away from your precious plants.
  • Design your garden and gather supplies. Get your class mates involved in planning a fun school garden theme.
  • Once you’ve gathered all your supplies you’re ready to start planting! Have the staff and school students involved in a day of planting. Make sure everyone knows what your garden needs to thrive and when they need to take care of it. You can assign chores to each grade to make sure it’s cared for properly.

Applying For The Safer® School Garden Grant

You can apply for the Safer® School Garden Grant by sending an email to with the subject line “School Garden Grant”.

Application Period: Send your submission in between September 1 to December 1.

In the body of the email include:

  • Your name and grade.
  • The name of your school and school address.
  • The name and email or phone number of the school administrator or principal to confirm that a school garden is allowed.
  • Why you want a school garden and what you plan to do with the $500 grant if you win (50-300 words).

How Safer® Brand Chooses the Winner: Submissions will be based on feedback from the school contact and the reason you want a school garden.

Grant Notification: The winner will be notified by email no later than February 1. The award of $500 is for the garden only. It will be rewarded directly to your school. You will be asked to provide the administrator’s full name and school address we should send the check to.

Safer® Brand will notify only the winning school on February 1. The winner will be notified at the same email in which you used to apply.

Missed the deadline? Sign up for Safer® Brand’s newsletter to receive notifications of contests, grants and gardening tips.

Rules and Regulations

Schools that win the Safer® School Garden Grant cannot enter to win again in future years. Student’s school must be located in the United States. Safer® Brand has the right to post winning or non-winning essays on their blog, website or other marketing materials.

School gardens can bring classmates closer together and unite everyone in a common goal of better health.  Healthy and safe food is what Safer® Brand is all about, that’s why we make products that are safe for organic gardening to help you and your plants thrive.

*Note: No purchase necessary to apply for Safer® School Garden Grant. A purchase will not improve your chances of getting picked for the grant.


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