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Perfect Planning: Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Perfect Planning: Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Finding the right garden design to suit your space and lifestyle can be a difficult task.

That’s why we’ve put together some beautiful garden design ideas that may be just what you need to get inspired and start your own garden.

Accessible Gardening Designs

Raised gardening beds can be done in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a hugelkultur garden or a straw bale garden, raised beds can be easier to work with, especially if you have poor soil in your area.

Besides being able to better control the soil and minimize pest problems, raised beds take bending and crouching out of the equation, making it a lot easier to maintain.

Sustainable Gardening Ideas

Keyhole gardens and plant pyramids are perfect for gardeners looking to make the most from their space and resources.

Rooftop gardens allow plants to grow in a space that would otherwise just be sitting unused. In areas where gardening space is limited or the land doesn’t permit gardening, these types of gardens are an invaluable asset.

Whether you’re working with inhospitable land or just making the most of every inch of space available, these sustainable gardens are the ideal way to grow small plants and herbs.

Vertical Garden Design Ideas

Sometimes gardening requires a little creative thinking, especially when your space is extremely limited. This is where your ceiling and wall space comes into play. Using vertical surfaces that most people never think twice about gives you a little extra room to play with in the gardening world.

Hanging planters are not a new concept, you can reinvent this old idea to suit your lifestyle even further. You can repurpose old bottles as little hanging planters. You can even turn an old canvas shoe organizer into an herb planter that will hang right against the wall.

vertical garden design idea

Whimsical Garden Layouts

Gardens can turn an outdoor space into a truly magical place.

You can create flowering arches or teepees overflowing with vine crops, which everyone enjoys but children especially appreciate.

Designing you garden layout by the color of your veggies not only looks beautiful but can also keep little helpers interested in gardening. And we all know how important learning to grow and eat healthy natural foods from a young age sets children up for a happier and healthier future. Planting by color provides a perfect opportunity to showcase the beauty and versatility of nature.

With a little forethought and some time, you can create a garden that will feed you and your family for seasons to come. We would love to hear about your unique garden designs in the comments below!

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