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Must See Videos For Indoor Growers

Must See Videos For Indoor Growers

About 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. No, we didn’t make that up. It’s true. And we sorted through all the videos (well, kind of) and found these 11 clips that show you amazing hydroponic setups and share tips on successful growing. If you’re a visual learner (and who isn’t?), they can be incredibly valuable tools for your indoor growing. 


Homemade Hydroponic System, Self-Contained With Lights

Posted by Scott’s Garage

A handy guy shows how to build a basic grow cabinet with readily available supplies for less than $100. His low-key presentation won’t electrify you, but his demonstration is easy to follow, and his strategies are smart and innovative (19:17 minutes).


Indoor Gardens for Small Apartments: Suspended and Container Gardening

Posted by Grig Stamate

With only images and music, this clip shows you dozens of innovative strategies for growing all kinds of crops on windowsills, tabletops, and other tight spaces (4:27 minutes).


Hydroponics for Beginners, Easy DIY System

Posted by Austin Family Gardening Channel

A demonstration of how to build an entry-level hydroponic system using coffee cans, small air stones, and nutrients. The video shows peppers growing, but you can use this simple setup for just about any crop (5:36 minutes).


Grow Lights Explained. CFL, LED, and HPS: Easy and Cheap to Efficient and Expensive

Posted by Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable

Find out about the differences among the most common lighting choices for indoor gardens, their costs and effectiveness, and where to find them (11:21 minutes).


How Much Area Does a 1,000-Watt HID Grow Light Really Cover?

Posted by Just 4 Growers

The host does the math and shows you the specifics for determining how much lighting you need to grow a robust crop indoors (3:34 minutes).


PH for Hydroponics 101

Posted by Just 4 Growers

This is a well-explained introduction to a fundamental measurement of indoor gardening: pH. The host makes clear why it’s important to pay attention to pH and how to manage it (5:51 minutes).


Aphids and White Fly Control Using Only Water

Posted by GrowingYourGreens

This clip was shot outdoors, but the information on nontoxic ways to control soft-bodied pests will be helpful to indoor growers, too (9:00 minutes).


Plant Health and Disease Troubleshooting Guide

Posted by Dealzer Hydroponics

Learn about plant diseases, nutrient deficiencies, mold, and other threats to raising healthy plants hydroponically and how to treat them safely. This video looks like a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over narration, but the information is in-depth and very useful (6:45 minutes).


Best Indoor Growing Tips!

Posted by Praxxus55712

An experienced indoor gardener shares his knowledge and lots of very practical advice for growing organically inside. His explanation of the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizers is especially insightful (19:18 minutes).


Megarooms! How to Set Up an Amazing Indoor Hydroponic Grow Room #22

Posted by HydroShow TV

Tour the ultimate grow-room setup and get details on how to trick out yours (3:56 minutes).


Indoor Grow Room and Hydroponic System Setup Time-Lapse

Posted by Indoor Gardens

In a little over three minutes, you can see two guys set up an entire grow room. You can glean a few details from watching, and it’s fun to see it come together so fast (3:06 minutes).

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