Natural Animal Repellents To Keep Your Garden Safe

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Natural animal repellents provide the perfect solution to safely and humanely drive away nuisance animals before they can do damage to your yard and garden.

Critter Ridder®

Multi-Animal Repellents

With Critter Ridder® Multi-Animal Repellents, it's easy to protect your yard from nuisance animals, such as racoons, skunks, dogs, cats, squirrels, and groundhogs. The natural, dual-action formula drives away animals by smell and taste. These repellents are available in granules or ready-to-use sprays and offer up to 30 days of protection. Buy Multi-Animal Repellents »

Critter Ridder®

Deer & Rabbit Repellents

Critter Ridder® concentrates and ready-to-use sprays use scent to put deer, rabbits, and squirrels on high alert and powerful taste deterrents to keep them from munching on plants. Meanwhile, the repelling stations use dried blood to trigger flight responses in deer and rabbits. The repellents are odorless to humans and offer long-lasting protection. Buy Deer & Rabbit Repellents »


Snake Repellent

Snake Shield™ contains a blend of natural oils and sulfur to effectively repel snakes. Snakes are very sensitive to the atmosphere around them. The repellent works by disorienting snakes' senses, causing them to instinctively flee the protected area. The easy-to-use granules start working immediately and provide long-lasting protection. Buy Snake Repellent »

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