FAQs - Insects

Q: How do your Fly Traps compare in effectiveness to one another and to an ultraviolet trap?
A: For outdoor use for flies, the fly trap is definitely the best. If by ultraviolet, you mean bug zappers, they are ok, but attract a lot of other insects that are otherwise not a problem. The Victor® Fly Magnet® is specific to house flies and several other species of nuisance flies (Blue bottle, Blow fly).
Q: What is the fly bait made of and is the odor offensive?
A: The bait formulation is proprietary, but consists mostly of food grade ingredients, to be more specific (proteins). The odor is not as strong if the trap is placed in an area with a lot of air circulation. The important thing is that the flies love it!
Q: Do you carry ultraviolet light bug zappers and, if so, how much do they cost?
We have an Electronic Fly Killer that uses ultraviolet light to lure the flying insect into the trap. The light does not actually kill the insect. The insect becomes trapped inside. It is very effective. You can purchase the Electronic Fly Killer in our online store.
Q: What do you recommend for indoor use and why?
I recommend Victor® Fly Tape, or Victor® Fly Strip for use indoor. This will attract and trap flies very effectively, and without the odor. Visit our Fly Solutions page.
Q: Do you have any repellents for clothes moths?
A: Safer® Brand has two great traps for moths, including one for clothes moths. On our web site, we also offer tips for keeping moths away from your closet. Visit our moths page for more information about these great products and tips.
Q: Will your Fly Trap and/or Fly Magnet® bait work for fruit flies?
A: Our Fly Traps will certainly work for fruit flies. The Fly Magnet® bait, however, was not designed to draw fruit flies. Instead, put a small amount of beer inside the trap and place in a cube of bread to serve as bait. Chunks of fruit in water also work well for drawing fruit flies to the trap.
Q: How do I remove the "sticky stuff" from my skin that came from a pull-out fly catcher?
A: Apply vegetable oil to the area. Within a few minutes, the oil will begin to dissolve the glue. Re-apply oil as needed until all the glue is dissolved. Remove oily residue with warm soapy water.
Q: How are some fly species different from other species?
A: There are many species of flies. I recommend you visit our fly species page on Saferbrand.com. There we have a description of common fly species.
Q: How can I get rid of pantry moths? What product should be used at each stage in the lifecycle? Also, how frequently should I use the product?
A: These are all fantastic questions about a moth problem. On our moths page you'll find traps for moths, instructions for the products, and tips to prevent moth destruction.
Q: I have a mulberry tree in my yard, very close to my home. The flies become unbearable. Please give me some advice on getting rid of these pesky flies?
A: I highly recommend using the Victor® bottle traps. By hanging them outside in the tree, you will have great success in controlling the fly population. You can read more about these traps, and order them, at our Flies page. You can also keep a can of our Safer® Brand Flying Insect Killer handy to use inside the house. It will kill the flies on contact. That is also available on our Flies page. If you have any doubts, read the testimonials about our fly traps.
Q: How can I get rid of lots of flies around my house?
A: I suggest using our Fly Magnet® Fly Trap. We have a gallon size trap that you can purchase in our online store. It is very effective. If you have any doubts, feel free to read testimonials that other customers have sent us.
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