Indoor Fly Control Products

Flies in the home are a common occurrence throughout the year. Not only are flies annoying, an infestation can quickly get out of control if a female lays her eggs in your home. Although proper management is necessary to control flies, many homeowners are reluctant to use chemical pesticides, especially indoors. Fortunately, the Safer® Brand family of products includes many options for indoor fly control that contain no synthetic or man-made chemicals. Take control of flies in your home today with our gardening fly control products that are deemed compliant for use in organic production!

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Flies and Disease

Throughout the world, flies carry a number of serious diseases, including E. coli, typhoid, cholera, salmonella and parasitic worms. Flies are covered in small hairs that easily transmit pathogens from one source to another, usually within seconds. And while, at least in the United States, the likelihood of contacting a serious disease from a fly is slim, countless people get sick each year from accidentally ingesting food contaminated by fly larvae.

Environmental Management for Common Flies in the Home

House flies and fruit flies are two of the most common pests in the home. With a little diligence, both can be effectively managed without the use of pesticide fly control products. Start by eliminating potential sources of food: take out your garbage regularly, keep your kitchen counters free of crumbs and other waste, and dispose of rotting food properly. You can also install mesh screens on your doors and windows to keep flies out.

Safer® Brand Fly Killers

Environmental management is only one part of indoor fly control. For a comprehensive solution, use Safer® Brand fly control products in conjunction with the above techniques. We offer a number of fly control products falling roughly into two categories:

  • Traps: Our fly traps are poison-free solutions to indoor fly infestations. From classic fly ribbons to the patent-pending Victor® Poison-Free® Indoor Fly Trap, flies are lured by our products.
  • Sprays: Safer® Brand Flying Insect Killer is a CFC-free aerosol spray that kills flies on contact. Made of a combination of pyrethrin and potassium salts of fatty acids, our Flying Insect Killer kills flies without leaving a harsh chemical scent in your home.

Why Safer® Brand

Safer® Brand is a leading supplier of pest control products for the home and garden. Check out our full line up of fly killers and other great products — it has never been easier to eliminate pests in your home!

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