Scorpion & Spider Control

Scorpions aren't quite deserving of their fearful reputation, but their stings can cause significant discomfort, particularly among people who are allergic to their venom. Many people want to control these pests but are worried about the effect traditional chemical pesticides can have on their family, pets and lawn. Luckily, there are a number of scorpion control methods available that can be used around trees, shrubs, vegetables, fruits and houseplants.

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About Scorpions

There are over 2,000 species of scorpion known to exist on every continent except Antarctica. Every species is venomous; however, within the continental United States, most are not seriously harmful to humans.

There is one significant exception to this rule — the Arizona bark scorpion, which is found throughout the Sonoran desert, can cause serious injury, including severe pain, convulsions and difficulty breathing. Thousands of people are stung by the bark scorpion each year, although since 1968 the state of Arizona has recorded only two fatalities.

Scorpion Management

While a scorpion bite isn't likely to be fatal, it can be painful enough that scorpion management is necessary, particularly in the Southwest where the insects are most prevalent. Luckily, there are a few steps homeowners can take to control scorpions in the home:

  • Remove places where the scorpion can hide. This includes trash piles, firewood and other cool, shady places.
  • Seal cracks in your home's masonry and caulk door and window openings.
  • Dust and vacuum your home regularly, being sure to clean corners not normally disturbed.
  • Eliminate common sources of food, including crickets, spiders and other small insects.


The Safer® Brand family of products contains a number of spider control products. If you're worried about the effects of traditional pesticides, you're not alone. Consumer awareness about the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals on your garden, pets or family has been growing in recent years, and many are-

seeking out ways to organically kill spiders and other common pests. In our online store you'll find a number of products that are OMRI® Listed and USDA approved for organic gardening. Our products are made of ingredients that are easily broken down by nature and can be used on fruits and vegetables, shrubs, flowers and houseplants.

Why Control Spiders in Your Home?

Very few spiders are dangerous to humans, and many are actually beneficial to gardens as they like to feast on common pests such as beetles, wasps and mealworms. That being said, spiders have voracious appetites and can quickly colonize a garden if left unchecked, resulting in a dearth of other beneficial insects.

Of course, the most common reason for spider insect control is that most people just don't like them. Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears, affecting to some degree 55% of women and 18% of men. If fear of spiders is preventing you from spending time outside, the use of an organic spider deterrent can give you the peace of mind needed to reclaim your backyard, so you can get back to gardening, barbequing and other outdoor activities.

Diatomaceous Earth for Spider Control

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is one of our spider killers. Safer® Brand DE products for spider insect control contain a bait formula, luring insects in and allowing the DE to do its work. When spiders come in contact with DE, they are killed either by ingestion or dehydration within 48 hours.

Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth is a way to control spiders in your home and yard. OMRI Listed® and USDA approved for organic production, this product can be used indoors and out. Made from DE sourced exclusively from fresh water, it is also effective against several other common pests, including bedbugs, roaches and silverfish.

Pest Control for Spiders

We offer a number of other spider control products, including spider spray. If you have a problem with spiders in your home or yard, Safer® Brand can help. Check out our full line of spider and insect killers today!

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