Insect Control Products – Household Insects

Finding a spider or a moth in your house can be upsetting, especially if you don’t want to use dangerous sprays or insecticides for the problem. Safer® Brand offers insect control options that are compliant for use in organic production to safely eliminate insects inside your home. Earth friendly and pet friendly pest control is our goal: all of our products are non-toxic, and most are compliant for use in organic gardening.

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  1. $55


    • Traps cockroaches and other insects
    • Scent lures adult cockroaches and nymphs, as well as waterbugs, crickets and other crawling insects
    • Poison free and easy to assemble
    • For use by contractors, exterminators or property managers
    • Use as a single, large trap or separate into two smaller traps to fit in smaller spaces
    • Adhesive strip allows you to mount trap anywhere
    • Updated design features multiple access points and two catch areas
    • Bulk, generic packaging saves you money and includes 150 two-packs (300 traps total when split apart)
  2. $45


    Out of stock

    • Attracts cockroaches using insect pheromones
    • Trap cockroaches & other insects on sticky inside
    • No poisons, no mess
    • Bulk, generic packaging to save you money
    • Discreet design makes it easy to use
    • Includes 48 two-pack traps (96 traps total)
  3. $18.99

    Out of stock

    • Non-poisonous, odorless flea trap with canopy cover
    • Design uses heat and light to attract fleas - 30 feet
    • Glue holds fleas fast for monitoring and removal
    • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
    • Package includes 1 trap and 2 glue discs; refills also available
  4. $6.99

    Out of stock

    • 3 refills for use with Victor® Ultimate Flea Trap
    • Super Grabber glue catches fleas fast
    • Non-Toxic and odorless
    • Disposable
    • Safe to use around children and pets

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Organic Insect Control Products

Today's homeowners are more concerned than ever with the effects harmful chemical pesticides have on their families. At Safer® Brand, we understand these concerns and have developed a number of OMRI® Listed and USDA approved for organic gardening solutions for common household pests.

Basic Household Insect Guide

In your garden and in your home, our organic pest control products contain components that are easily broken down by nature and effective for use on fruits and vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Here's a quick guide to the Safer® Brand products that will help you control various common pests:

Bedbugs, Ants, and Roaches

Control ants and other pests with organic diatomaceous earth. DE insect control is effective against all crawling insects, including hard-to-kill bedbugs and roaches. Available in a convenient powder formulation, our diatomaceous earth roach killer contains a bait that lures insects, causing them to dehydrate and die within 48 hours. Unlike other diatomaceous earth pest control products, Safer® Brand DE for insect control is an OMRI®-listed organic product and is not derived from carcinogenic chemicals.


Left unchecked, moths can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your clothes and linens. Available in a convenient six-pack, our Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Trap uses powerful pheromones to lure moths that feed on natural fibers. Perfect for use with our Flying Insect Killer aerosol spray, these two products will keep your home moth-free and your clothes safe for up to 12 weeks at a time!

From ant spray to organic diatomaceous earth for roach and bedbug control, Safer® Brand is leading the way in organic insect control. Check out our full line of home solutions today!

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