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organic garden care, OMRI ListedPlant Disease Library

Learning about the major diseases that can affect your plants and how to treat those diseases can help to make your harvest healthy, fruitful and enjoyable.



Black Spot, organic black spot solutions, organic garden care

Black Spot - Plant Disease Library

Roses, especially hybrid tea roses, are highly susceptible to this infectious fungal disease.  Black spots, as the name implies, will appear on the leaves, followed by a yellowing surrounding the spots.


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Botrytis Blight, organic blight solutions, organic garden care, OMRI Listed


Botrytis Blight - Plant Disease Library

This fungal disease affects flowering plants, ornamentals, and fruits & vegetables. Also known as gray mold, it can cause dying tissue and buds as well as fruit or bulb rot.

Images courtesy of Clemson University - USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series,


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Leaf Spot, organic leaf spot, organic garden care, OMRI Listed

Leaf Spot - Plant Disease Library

Leaf Spot affects many different types of plants, but most commonly attacks trees and shrubs. In large clusters or rows, it may also be referred to as anthracnose.


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Powdery Mildew, organic powdery mildew solutions, OMRI Listed

Powdery Mildew - Plant Disease Library

Numerous strains of fungi are commonly referred to as Powdery Mildew. Since this disease removes essential nutrients from the plant, leaves may become yellow, stunted or drop off prematurely.


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Rust, organic rust solutions, organic garden care

Rust - Plant Disease Library

This isn't the same as rust on metal! Rust spores travel through the air and land on plants, spreading the fungal disease. Although plants do not die from rust, it can contribute to the plant's decline.


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