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organic pest control - soaps

Organic Pest Control

Insects are unwelcome visitors to our lawns, landscapes and vegetable gardens. Traditional pesticides consisting of synthetic chemicals could have harmful consequences to your family when controlling unwanted insect pests.

Organic solutions exist to deal with insect pests, without the use of synthetic chemicals. Using organic pesticides when gardening organic is ideal for the consumer who wants a beautiful lawn and garden without the potential harmful side effects synthetic chemicals can cause.





Organic Pesticides - Pyrethrins and Oils

Safer® Brand End All

Nature's Strategy

Nature’s strategy to control pests that damage fruits, vegetables, and flowers involves complexes that are found inside the plant. Pyrethrins, Orange oil and Neem oil, all have repellent and insecticidal properties extracted from specific types of plants. Products such as Safer® Brand EndAll use Pyrethrins and essential oils to eliminate 45 different types of insects.




Organic world


This compound is extracted from a specific type of daisy, named the Chrysanthemum Daisy. In the plant, it repels insects and protects the flower from predators.


When collected and concentrated, Pyrethrin is a very effective insecticide that affects the insect’s nervous system. This compound breaks down quickly in the environment and has no residual health or environmental impact. Products such as Safer® Brand Yard and Garden Insect Killer use the power of Pyrethrin to protect your yard and garden by killing insects on contact.


But don't be confused....not all pyrethrin is organic!! Pyrethrin is natural but very unstable. It is usually preserved in petroleum distillates, deeming them NOT organic!! Organic pyrethrin, which is used in Safer® Brand products such as EndALL and Yard and Garden Insect Killer contain NO petroleum distillates and therefore are truly organic.





Essential Oils

Essential Oils are fragrant oils that plants produce, such as orange oil, clove oil, thyme oil, cedar oil, etc. The molecules are very energetic and will affect the insects’ nervous system. These oils are strong natural solvents that will break down the insects waxy protective coating.


Fixed Oils

Fixed Oils are the less aromatic oils derived from plants such as Corn Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, etc. These oils generally work by clogging the respiratory openings of the insect, causing suffocation. These are also effective against several plant diseases.


Neem Oil

Neem oil is extracted from the Neem tree. It is a fixed oil, however, it carries an insect growth regulator (IGR) containing strong insecticidal properties in its unrefined state. This IGR is azadirachtin, often separated from the Neem Oil and concentrated as an active ingredient unto its own. The resulting refined Neem Oil with the IGR removed is primarily a suffocant for use on insects and plant diseases. Safer® Brand BioNEEM uses this powerful oil to protect your garden from insects and plant diseases.







Images courtesy of Oklahoma State University and Forestry
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Safer®Brand brings you a variety of effective insect control products that are gentler on the environment! Most of them proudly display the OMRI Listed® organic seal and comply for use in organic gardening!


organic gardening products with the OMRI listed seal



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