Buy the Innovative Organic Difference, Not Just a Different Label

At Safer® Brand, organic and natural solutions is all we do! Through our tireless innovation and a customer centric new product development system, Safer® Brand continues to narrow the performance gap between organic and synthetic. At Safer® Brand, we feel you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance when you choose organic compliant solutions.


We proudly boast the largest and deepest array of organic and natural gardening, pest control and plant disease solutions on the market. Over 50 of our products have been certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as well as possessing the USDA National Organic Program 'For use in organic gardening' seal. You can shop confidently knowing our products have been certified organic compliant by these 3rd party reviewers.

Due to the large marketing dollars spent by companies who feature synthetic chemicals and the lack of information provided to consumers on the possible adverse effects of synthetic chemicals, natural and organic solutions were often overlooked. However, this is NOT the case anymore, and consumers are increasingly aware of the risk associated with using synthetic chemicals and are choosing to spend their hard earned money on what will not only eliminate their pests, but does not adversely affect their family or their food sources.

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The Difference is Clear!!

There is only one company committed to providing you and your family an organic/natural solution.

Featuring 50+ products certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the only organic product to eliminate insects in all life cycles, there is only one choice!

The difference is health, the difference is environmental protection, the difference is Safer® Brand