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organic gardening products from safer brand

Organic Gardening Products

Are you an organic gardener looking for all-natural solutions to ensure a bountiful harvest at the end of the growing season? Safer® Brand offers the best in organic gardening products to keep your fruits, vegetables,and flowers healthy all season long without potential harm to your family and pets. Our garden careproducts have the authentic seal for use in organic gardens!


Wide Variety of Organic Garden Care Products

There’s a Safer® Brand product for just about every type of organic gardening need including:

  • Vegetable & Flower Gardens
  • Tomato Garden Care
  • Moss & Algae Control
  • Weed Control

Our organic garden care products come in a variety of applications including ready-to-use sprays, concentrates and dust that enable you to thoroughly treat your garden right up until the day of harvest.


Why Do Organic Gardeners Choose Safer® Brand Garden Care Products

For over 25 years organic gardeners everywhere have come to trust Safer® Brand products for all their garden care needs. That’s because our products contain all-natural ingredients that offer an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides. By using our organic garden care products, you will alleviate the concerns that come with using synthetic or man-made products on your plants, fruits and vegetables.

Organic Garden Care Products That Really Work

When it comes to garden care, organic products are of little value unless they actually work. The active ingredients in Safer® Brand products are scientifically proven to be effective, and we validate it with third parties to prove it. Whether you need to eliminate insects, control weeds, kill moss and algae, or stop the growth of fungus, our garden care products raise the bar for organic solutions!

OMRI® Listed Garden Care Products

Many products claim to be “organic” or “natural,” but how can you really know for sure? Safer® Brand organic garden care products meet the stringent requirements put forth by the Organic Materials Review Institute, a national organization that reviews and certifies products as organic. When you purchase one of our garden care products, you’ll have the confidence of knowing they are completely free of synthetic materials or man-made chemicals. Look for the OMRI® seal of approval on the product label!

Browse Our Complete Selection of Garden Care Products

As an organic gardener, you’ve made an unwavering commitment to growing chemical-free plants, fruits and vegetables while serving as a true steward of the environment. Make Safer® Brand organic garden care products a part of your quest. Browse our extensive selection of organic products, and order those that are right for your garden today!


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