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Lawn Care Program

Do you want a lush, green lawn with minimal effort but no chemical pesticides? With the Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program, you can have organic beauty delivered right to your doorstep. Our all-in-one lawn care program is the all-natural solution for lawns up to 5,000 square feet. The Lawn Care Program can give you a greener lawn in as little as one week!

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What Do You Get With the Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program?

The Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program combines an organic fertilizer with a powerful natural weed killer to provide an effective and affordable lawn care solution for the entire season.


Your lawn care kit includes:

  • Three 25 lb. bags of Ringer® Lawn Restore II: This fast-acting fertilizer provides the correct balance of natural elements in your soil. The 0% phosphate formula feeds your lawn by slowly releasing nitrogen derived from all-natural protein sources to make your grass stronger and greener, while also promoting natural root development.
  • Two 40 lb. bags of Concern® Weed Prevention Plus®: This pre-emergent weed killer will effectively eliminate weeds, dandelion and crabgrass before they have a chance to grow. The homogeneous pellet formulation ensures a uniform distribution of nutrients and herbicide.
  • Application Calendar Magnet
  • Soil Thermometer

Only Four Total Applications Required per Year

The Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program makes getting the greener, healthier lawn you’ve always dreamed of a hassle-free process. Simply apply Ringer® Lawn Restore II at the beginning of the outdoor season, in mid-summer for root system maintenance, and at the onset of fall to winterize your lawn. Only one Concern® Weed Prevention Plus® application is required in late spring to ensure effective weed prevention all year long.


The Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program can be used with all lawn types, and the all-natural ingredients won’t endanger your kids or pets.

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