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Victor® The Ultimate Flea Trap™

model #: M230

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Product Details:

  • Attracts fleas and traps them without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Comes with 1 flea trap and 2 glue discs.
  • Already fully assembled and ready-to-use.
  • Non-poisonous and odorless--use around the house.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
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Victor® The Ultimate Flea Trap™


Flea Control

The Ultimate Flea Trap™ detects and controls indoor flea problems with a 93% catch rate as well as lures fleas out of upholstery and carpeting from up to 30 ft away.


Victor® The Ultimate Flea Trap™ monitors and controls flea infestations. The unique design produces a high efficiency trap allowing you to eliminate your flea problem without spraying synthetic chemicals or having to put chemicals on your pet.


By simulating a warm-blooded host, Victor® The Ultimate Flea Trap™ attracts fleas from where they live and hide. Lured in by the trap’s color, the heat and light from the trap's light bulb, fleas don’t stand a chance.

Victor® The Ultimate Flea Trap™ Refills


The non-poisonous and odorless flea killer trap enables safe placement around children and pets and comes fully assembled and ready to use. Save money and reuse your trap - refills for The Ultimate Flea Trap™ are available on Saferbrand.com.  Use the Ultimate Flea Trap™ flea killer year round as an early detection device.



Directions for Use:

Instructions for The Ultimate Flea Trap

  1. Separate the top canopy of the trap from the bottom tray using thumb grips.
  2. Carefully place the light socket into the hole in the top of the trap canopy.
  3. Secure the socket in place with the treaded bulb protector provided. Do not over tighten.
  4. Gently insert the provided bulb.
  5. Insert the Glue Disc - grasp tab and remove release paper from the glue disc. Place the glue disc in the bottom of the trap.
  6. Reassemble the trap by aligning the top canopy directly over the bottom tray and press down firmly.
  7. For best results, make sure that you have removed the release paper from refill disc. Place trap on floor in an area where fleas are a problem, usually where pets spend a considerable amount of time.

     You may not be catching an abundant amount of fleas because:

  • The population of fleas will vary from week to week
  • You don't have a bad infestation at this time, but leave your flea trap on 24 hours a day as a preventative measure. Catching a new batch of fleas before they can reproduce is a very effective way to control flea problems.


Victor® - Pest Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 115 Years.



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All About...


All About the Fleas that Victor® Poison Free® The Ultimate Flea Trap™ Controls


Fleas can be a real nuisance to you and especially your pets. They can quickly reproduce and become an infestation in very little time.  A female can lay 45-50 eggs per day up to 600 in a lifetime and usually lays the eggs on the host.


Learn More About Fleas:


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