Caterpillar & Worm Products

Caterpillars and worms are notorious garden pests that can make short work of your plants! If you’re like many gardeners these days, you want to avoid using harsh, chemical-laden pesticides around your fruits and vegetables. Safer® Brand offers an assortment of easy-to-use organic* pest control products to help you get rid of worms and caterpillars the all-natural way!

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Kill Garden Pests Quickly With Our Insecticidal Soaps

Our insecticidal soaps contain potassium salts of fatty acids, a powerful natural ingredient that quickly kills caterpillars, worms and other problem insects such as mites, grasshoppers, whiteflies and many more.

Our soaps will not harm beneficial insects and won’t leave a residual impact on the environment. You can also apply them right up until the day of harvest. Options include a 16 oz. concentrate that can produce six gallons of insect-killing soap when mixed with water, as well as a 32 oz. concentrate that yields 12 gallons and can cover an area as large as 3,200 square feet.

Eliminate Caterpillars and Worms With B.T.

Bacillus thuringiensis (B.T.) is a naturally occurring bacterium that is an extremely effective caterpillar and worm killer. B.T. products are often used by commercial growers to prevent infestation on a wide scale, as well as by organic growers for home garden treatment.

Upon ingestion, B.T. acts as a rot-gut poison that causes the insect to stop feeding, and it will die within a few days. B.T. will quickly eliminate nuisance insects such as saltmarsh caterpillars, hornworms, corn earworms and bollworms, but will not harm the beneficial insects that many gardens need to thrive. Our B.T. products include liquid concentrates and a garden dust formulation.

Take a Closer Look at All of Our Fast-Acting Worm and Caterpillar Control Products

Don’t let hungry worms and caterpillars feed on your plants and ruin all of your hard work. Get rid of these relentless pests once and for all by applying organic worm and caterpillar control products from Safer® Brand in your garden. Place your order easily and securely right here at today. And don’t forget about our free U.S. ground shipping for all orders greater than $50!

*For use in organic gardening