Victor® Roach Pheromone Glue Trap - 96 Traps

Model #: BM330

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Victor® Roach Pheromone Glue Trap - 96 Traps

Victor® Roach Pheromone Glue Trap - 96 Traps

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  • Attracts cockroaches using insect pheromones
  • Trap cockroaches & other insects on sticky inside
  • No poisons, no mess
  • Bulk, generic packaging to save you money
  • Discreet design makes it easy to use
  • Includes 48 two-pack traps (96 traps total)

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Victor® Roach Pheromone Glue Trap - 96 Traps Total Help protect homes and businesses from roaches with poison-free VICTOR® Roach Pheromone Glue Traps. These easy-to-use traps contain a pheromone tablet to attract roaches. Once insects enter the trap, they are captured on the sticky interior surface. The traps will also capture other insects and arachnids on the glue surface. Each package includes 48 two-pack pheromone traps, which you split apart to make 96 traps in total. Use these traps in kitchens, bathrooms, basements or wherever an infestation persists in your client’s home or business.
Victor® Roach Pheromone Glue Trap
Best used for:
On Floors
On Floors
Below Sinks
Below Sinks
In Cabinets
behind toilets
Behind Toilets
Near Entry Points
Near Entry Points
Discreet Trap Design
Discreet Trap Design Each black-colored trap is designed to be small and discreet, which allows you to deploy them throughout cockroach-infested areas. Place them in corners for maximum effectiveness. They are also small enough to fit under appliances, below sinks and behind toilets.
Infused With Pheromones Every Victor® cockroach trap includes a small tablet that is infused with pheromones to attract roaches to the trap. This tablet is glued to the interior of the trap and attracts roaches to the trap without using poison.
infused with pheromones
How To Use
Three Access Points These Victor® cockroach traps have three openings, which allows cockroaches and other insects to easily enter the trap from multiple angles. The multiple access points also allow air to flow past the pheromone tablet, which helps these pests find the trap.
Label Space For Tracking Catches To assist exterminators and property managers, every Victor® glue trap includes a label area to help workers track catches and monitor specific locations.
label space

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Victor® Roach Pheromone Glue Trap
Model # BM330
For use against Roaches, ants, centipedes, crickets, palmetto bugs, silverfish, scorpions, spiders and other crawling insects and arachnids
Quantity 48 two-packs (96 traps total)
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