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Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program

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Product Details:

  • Creates a healthy, lush, green lawn naturally.
  • Contains three applications that cover 4,000 sq ft each.
  • Controls weeds and greens up lawn in 3-5 days.
  • Does not burn your lawn.
  • Comes with a soil thermometer and care schedule.
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Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program

What’s Included:

The Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program makes having an amazing lawn easy! We give you everything you need to kill weeds and fertilize your lawn for lush, green grass. Here’s what’s included in each order of the Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program:


Safer Brand Lawn Care Program Table
3 bags of Ringer® Lawn Restore® II 2 bags of Weed Prevention Plus Digital Soil Thermometer Fridge Magnet
Each 25 lb bag covers up to 5,000 sq ft Each 40 lb bag covers up to 2,000 sq ft To test for soil readiness So you know exactly when to apply each product


How it Works:

With the Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program, you can create a healthy, lush lawn naturally. You will be amazed at the quick green-up from these fertilizers, and you will start to see results in as little as 3-5 days after application. The long-lasting formulations contain no salt-based chemicals so there’s no risk of burning your lawn – even if you should overapply. There’s also no manure in either product, so you won’t have to endure any unpleasant odors when applying. Furthermore, Ringer® Lawn Restore II nourishes not only your lawn, but also beneficial organisms and microbes that live beneath your soil to create a thick, green lawn that lasts!



Each lawn care program will send you everything you need for an entire season of lawn care in one convenient shipment! One order will cover approximately 4,000 sq ft, so keep in mind how much lawn area you have when ordering.


A Greener Lawn

If you have a problem lawn, then Ringer® Lawn Restore® II is your solution! This microbial fertilizer breaks down in soil to feed beneficial microbes and insects that promote healthy turf growth, thus repairing thin or dying lawns. You will start seeing your problem lawn begin to green up in as little as 3-5 days, and this long-lasting solution will continue to work until it’s time for your next application!  


With an NPK analysis of 10-0-6, you know you’re getting the macronutrients that your lawn needs. So what exactly do these numbers mean and why are they important for lawn growth? Below is a simplified breakdown of each one:


Nitrogen Icon N=Nitrogen – promotes leaf growth & fast green up




Phosphorus Icon P=Phosphorous – supports flower & fruit development




Potassium Icon K=Potassium – helps deep root development & general plant health




These numbers are all important because they show the percentage of each macronutrient contained in the fertilizer. Nitrogen is especially important for lush, green lawns, so that’s why it comes in at the highest number: 10%. Potassium is great for promoting strong roots and overall lawn health, so that’s why ours has 6%.

0 Phosphate


The only macronutrient that is not present in Ringer® Lawn Restore® II is phosphorous. Phosphorous is actually not necessary for lawns since its main purpose is to promote flowering and fruiting. Grass remains in the vegetative state for its entire life cycle, so there’s no need to promote flowering or fruiting in lawns. There’s also the potential for phosphorous to be pulled out of the soil by heavy watering or rains, and start to run off into other waterways causing the water to become polluted with toxic algae.


Get Ahead of Weeds Before They Start

The best way to get rid of weeds in your lawn is to attack them before they begin to emerge! Concern® Weed Prevention Plus® is powered by 100% corn gluten to suffocate and suppress weeds before they begin to grow.


When using a weed pre-emergent, timing and temperature are key. Be sure to apply Weed Prevention Plus in early spring, so you attack those weeds before they sprout! As a general rule, Weed Prevention Plus should be applied when crocuses begin to bloom or when forsythia blooms start to drop. This timing will vary depending on different geographical locations and climates. Check to make sure your soil has reached at least 55 degrees F before applying. Use the digital soil thermometer included in this program to test a few areas of your lawn to be sure your soil is at the optimum temperature for full weed control.


Safer Brand Lawn Care Program


Application Schedule

The Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program makes it easier than ever to get the lawn you want! Each bag is labeled with a number so you know exactly which one to use during each step of the process. Here is a breakdown of the general application timing when using the complete program:


Lawn Care Program Application Schedule


This application schedule is using a general timeframe that will fit most users. It may be necessary to adjust the schedule to fit your particular location and climate’s needs.


Chemical vs. Natural Fertilizers:

There are many lawn fertilizers on the market today and we understand that the choice can be confusing. For starters, there are two basic kinds of fertilizers out there – synthetic and natural.


Synthetic fertilizers use chemicals to directly feed the grass and enhance the look of your lawn. However, they often work by treating just the plant, and not the soil it grows in. The result gives it a quick shock of chemicals it will need to green up and grow fast. But, chemical fertilizers neglect the soil and strip it of the valuable nutrients it needs to develop deep root systems. This can potentially kill the beneficial insects and microorganisms who call this soil home, thus often resulting adverse effects on your lawn over time. Chemical fertilizers also contain salt which can dry out and burn your grass if you should overapply.


Natural fertilizers, like Ringer® Lawn Restore® II, work with your soil to build a healthy foundation for lush, green grass to grow. Natural fertilizers promote deep root growth and feed beneficial microbes and organisms that live below the soil and create a healthy lawn. Strong roots are necessary for the long-term health of your lawn, and over time when using natural fertilizers, you may even have to fertilize less often!


FAQs About Safer® Brand Lawn Care Program


A:  You can apply Lawn Restore at any time during the growing season. First application should be in early Spring, and last application should occur in September.*


*Note: Please check laws within your area.  Some states do not allow application of nitrogen before March 15.



Kind of grass for Ringer Lawn Restore - Help & Advice FAQs

A:  Lawn Restore will work on warm and cool season grasses including Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, Centipede grass and Tall Fescue.



A:  You should water it immediately after applying Ringer® Lawn Restore.  This will activate the product. Then you'll want to keep the lawn moist, but not saturated, for the next 3-4 days.



A:  Timing is critical for weed control application.  You will want to apply Weed Prevention Plus as soon as the soil temperature reaches 55°F (12.7°C).



A:  Test soil temperature using the soil thermometer that was included in your shipment. For best results, insert thermometer 1 inch into the soil between the hours of 8-10 a.m.



A:  You should wait about 2 weeks after applying Weed Prevention Plus®.  For best results, you should wait to apply new seeds in the fall since turf grass is a fall crop.



A:  Below is a list of some common spreaders and the setting they should be set at for best results:


Broadcast Spreader (Rotary) Setting
Scotts Lawn Pro 7.5
Turf Builder® Edgeguard 7.5
Scotts Basic 7.5
Scotts Easy Green 28.5
Earthway 17
Drop Spreaders Setting
Scott’s AcuGreen 10.5
Scott’s Precision Green 10.5




Lawn Care, Ringer® Lawn Restore® II Fertilizer 25 lb - 2 Bags, b9333-2
Covers 10,000 sq ft
Lawn Care, Concern® Weed Prevention Plus® 0% Phosphate 40lb - 3 Bags, B97187-3
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